Creative use of Photoshop Brushes in your photographs

Photoshop brushes are nothing but simple brushes, like we use in MS paint, but it can be used in different shapes, rather than just circular and airbrush. Photoshop as a powerful graphic design tool gives you the complete freedom to customize the brush palette by loading brushes downloaded from various online sources.

The brushes are available in various shapes like trees, human silhouettes, cars, birds etc. you might ask me “what can I do with this brushes?” Let me tell you. You can add different elements to your image and make a montage out of it. This works very well for silhouette shots where all the subjects will be dark leaving a brightly lit outline. Let’s take an example here to show you how brushes can be used creatively. For people who say “this ain’t photography” i would say this can be called as a photo montage where adding of additional elements to the image is acceptable.

Let’s see this with an example. I have a silhouette shot with me, taken in Chengalpattu. But I am not satisfied with the image. There’s a lack of some drama in the image. Also there is some empty space on the right side of the image which makes me feel that the image is missing something. So I thought of using some Photoshop brushes to add a dramatic feel to the image.

cupb 01

NOTE: I have increased the blacks in the image to make the subjects look like perfect silhouette

I googled for tree shaped Photoshop brushes and I got a brush set which has got 32 tree shaped brushes. Now all I got to do it extract the downloaded zip file, which will be .ABR format and load it on to the brush palette.

Now I have downloaded the brush set from the  here

After downloading all I clicked on the brush palette and click on load brushes. A dialog box will appear from where I chose the location of the brush. After choosing the tree brush, I choose the right tree for my image and selected the size (here I needed a big tree so I selected the size of the brush to be 3000 px).

cupb 02

Brush palette

cupb 03

Now I chose black color for the brush, to do it in a more perfect way you can sample the color of the silhouettes in the image (use color sampler or keep the brush onto the particular color and press ALT key) and use the brush. After adding the tree brush my image will look something like this.

cupb 04

Now, the image has a beautiful tree which makes the picture looks better (according to me). But I still needed something more to fill up the gap under the tree. So I downloaded a set of dog silhouette brushes used a dog howling brush to the image. Now the final image will look something like this.


Other photograph where I have used brushes:

When angels meet
When angels meet

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