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Holi celebrations in Chennai

It was only in the last year I came to know that Holi is celebrated in Chennai (seriously!).That day I decided that I should somehow photograph the next Holi, my dream came true today morning. I reached sowcarpet at 6.30 in the morning. I joined my group Chennai weekend clickers (CWC) and started walking into Mint Street, where the biggest Holi celebration in Chennai happens every year.

There was no activity until 8 AM. Until then we were looking for normal street shots and kids portraits along the streets. At around 8, we got information that Holi celebrations were started in a nearby place called “Rajasthan ground”. As soon as we reached the place, we could see the color dust sprinkled over everywhere. That was a good sign. From that moment on we were dragged into the world of colors. We clicked pictures until 11 AM. I skipped breakfast and realized it only after reaching home. We were clicking with full energy and got a lot of colorful shots.

Especially the moment, where we were ran in a narrow lane to escape buckets of colored water and water balloons were super cool. I felt like I am in a video game. It was awesome!! . This is the reason festivals are celebrated. To bring out the joy in you. To do things that will make you feel like a kid and make you forget everything else in the world. Holi is one such festival that brings out the joy in you. On the whole, it was one of the best photography experiences till now. My thought is, if this is so much fun here how will it be in the northern regions. My next year target is north!!

I made a small series on Flickr called Faces of Holi – A small series of portraits taken today. I am happy to share it with you. Please take a look and give in your comments.


holi 01

holi 02

holi 03

holi 04

holi 05

holi 07

holi 06

NOTE: For those who missed Holi this year, don’t miss it next time! Even if you don’t have a camera just come and have fun!!

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