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It was in the December I got the idea of writing a small manual on camera RAW. I was given an opportunity to give a small seminar on post processing in my group’s (Chennai weekend clickers) 3rd year photo exhibition held at Chennai. Many participants came for the  session and I got some good feedbacks about my talk. That is when It struck me “why not write about camera RAW? It will be a useful reference to many beginners who face problem with RAW files”.

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Now after two months, I made it possible and released my first e-book “Understanding camera RAW: A basic manual for beginners” on March 21st. Frankly speaking I thought if 100 downloads did occur it was a big success. But 1000+ downloads did occur within 24 hours of the release. I was surprised by the support you guys have given me to make this book a big success. I faced a lot of problems on the day of the release as the download link was not working. But I thank each and every one who patiently waited for me to fix the issue. I also thank people who have given me their frank feedbacks on good and bad aspects about the book.

Now, after one week of its release the book has been downloaded 2000+ times. I thank my Facebook friends, Chennai weekend clickers and 121clicks.com for supporting me in this venture.

In order to download the FREE copy of the e-book please click here 

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