Glimmr : A good alternative for Flickr app (android)

We all know that the new Flickr app released for iOS and android platforms is a big hit. But people who use primitive smartphones with low end configurations are not able to access Flickr app through my phone. You can say “why don’t you change your phone?”  That’s an option. But a rather simple solution would be finding a good alternative for Flickr app.

I was so eager to install the Flickr app when it was released. But when I went to the Google play store, I got a message saying my phone’s hardware doesn’t support the app. So I was browsing through the internet and Google play store to find a good alternative and I stumbled upon Glimmr.

Glimmr  for Flickr   Android Apps on Google Play

Glimmr is a free android app which functions exactly like Flickr. The experience is smooth and the interface is fluid. You need to log in using your Flickr account after you install the app. The interface of Glimmr is split into Contacts, Photos, favorites, Sets, Groups, and Explore. Each tab contains images in the form of square tiles which gives a beautiful look to the app. The photos load without much lag and full screen viewing is also possible.


As far as I used the only drawback is I couldn’t view the threads that are listed in each group (I can view group pool and comment on the pictures). Apart from that Glimmr is a good app for low end phones which are not able to install the official Flickr app.

The app can be downloaded from here

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