Canon EOS 700D and EOS 100D : What’s inside

Last week , Canon has introduced two new DSLR cameras into the entry level category, EOS 700D- which is claimed by the company as a advanced model in the entry level category and another being EOS 100D which is considered as the lightest DSLR.


The new EOS 700D is an upgraded version of its previous models, the EOS 600D and 650D. And the newly launched EOS 100D is a hybrid between the EOS M ( mirrorless hybrid) and a normal entry level DSLR.

When you look at the features, both cameras house a 18.0 MP CMOS sensor powered by a DiGiC 5 processor. Both offer ISO capabilities of upto ISO 12800 and full HD video recording (1080p). They also house a 3 inch touch screen which allows you to pan , pinch or zoom your images.

Apart from these features both cameras has a 9 point autofocus system and also  offer a number of creative filters and scene modes for beginners. Especially the grainy black and white and miniature filters looks cool. The difference between both the cameras as we can see is the burst mode. EOS 700D can take 5 fps whereas EOS 100D can take 4 fps.

One of the features by which EOS 100D gains an upper hand over EOS 700D apart from the lightness is the creative filters that can be used in full HD video. EOS 100D offers miniature filter for shooting Full HD video and the output looks supercool.

You can find a detailed video about both the models in here:

I don’t know how far 700D is going to create an impact. But my gut feeling says that EOS 100D has a greater chances of doing well in the DSLR market

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