The Third option – Short story

DISCLAIMER: All the characters in the story and story itself is a completely fictional one

Ravi had a long day after being humiliated and sent out of all the five companies he has visited that day. Since being an engineer has become a very common thing he wasn’t respected for his B.E computer science degree which he felt doesn’t have a value after four years of struggle. A thought even crossed his mind that the world is going to end due to overpopulation of engineers. The uneven roads juggled his empty stomach inside his body which made him feel like throwing up.

It was half past ten when he finally reached home. Now he had a bigger problem than what he faced all day. Facing his parents. His dad was sitting in the hall with his eyes fixed in the 10 clock special feature news. It was his daily routine to go to bed after watching the 10 o clock special feature. Ravi always thought he’s gathering enough news information to discuss with his buddies on the 7.30 local every day.

He removed his dusty shoes and came inside the house

“Vaa da Ravi! How did it go?” asked his dad with his eyes still stuck on to the TV

“Ok than pa. Nothing great. Visited five companies. They said they’ll communicate via mail when an opening comes in the future”

“Don’t worry Ravi, you will get a job soon”

Ravi gave a tiresome smile at his dad and walked to the dining hall.

His mom brought a plate of roti and rajma masala and placed it in front of him

Without even washing his hands, Ravi started to eat his dinner in full fledge. He wanted to do something about his gurgling stomach and he thought the roti and rajma will do the job perfectly.

“Dai Ravi! Today Mohan uncle came to visit us?”

“Hmmm what did he say?” said Ravi chewing a mouthful of roti.

“His son Ajay was working a big financial firm and he’s earning one lakh per month”

“Oh! Good for him ma!”

“Now he’s ditched the job….he’s got selected into Harvard business school with full sponsorship”

“Nice” said Ravi by taking his empty plate to the kitchen sink. He washed his hands and came out of the kitchen loosening his shirt.

Before his mom could speak anything he said “I am tired mom! Can we talk about his Ajay’s one lakh and his American dream tomorrow?”

“Ok da…hmmm. I don know when you’re going to reach heights like that”

Upon hitting the bed, Ravi thought about his dad’s friends and their high earning progeny with super mental capacities. Most of the evenings in his house will be filled with talks about engineering admissions, salary packages, IITs, IIMs, CAT, GATE, GMAT, XAT,CET, SET, AIEEE, etc. Ravi felt like he’s stuck in the same middle class engineer dream like millions of other twenty one year olds in the country. There’s nothing wrong in having a dream. But he felt that the race towards that dream is big. He have to compete with everybody including Mohan Uncle’s son to find his way up.

He kept on thinking for a while, but his tiresome body dragged him to sleep before his brain could process any further thoughts.

The clock was ticking 2 AM and Ravi was disturbed by the bright streak white light coming from his room’s door. The door was ajar and he could see a bright streak of light hitting his eye lids. He woke up and walked towards the door. He could feel his mind struggling to make suggestions whether to open the door or not. But in order to proceed this story somebody should open the door right. So Ravi went ahead and opened the door.

When he opened the door he found a beautiful road made up of white marbles leading to a grand white building. Ravi was really confused to see why there’s a road in front his bed room and how the hell this colossal structure came before him.

But curiosity made him to walk towards the huge marble building standing in front of him. As he got inside he found a radiant man dressed in white robes sitting on a huge throne made up of Gold. Before him a young girl was standing. As soon as the man saw Ravi standing in the entrance he said

“Welcome son!”

Ravi walked in and stood before the radiant figure.

“What brought you here?” asked the man in the golden throne

“Dude! My room just opened roads to your place. I have no clue why I am here”

The man on the golden throne started laughing.

“Ya. I get it. It’s funny…by the way who are you?” asked Ravi

“I am your creator my son”

Ravi was shocked to hear this.

“Creator? Don’t tell me you’re my dad”

“Ha ha! No…I am your dad’s creator too.”

“Oh ok! Now I got it. You’re my grand dad”

The man suddenly got angry

“You dumb ass! I am God!”

Ravi was really in shock now

“Sorry Mr. God…I was sleepy so couldn’t grab things properly”

“Fine. I brought you both here to grant some wishes”

“Cool! But first tell me who’s she?” asked Ravi looking at the girl standing next to him. She was lean, good looking with a burgundy hair which was flowing freely till her hip. She had a deep brown eyes which was glowing with beauty and intelligence.

“She is also a final year engineering student from Chennai”

“Whoa! Cool. Is this some kind of recruitment drive for heaven? Or did I die in my sleep! If I am dead then I have wasted four years of my life studying engineering and the rest by going to school”

“Ravi, my son please be patient…Let me speak!”

“Ok Lord!”

God turned towards the girl started speaking

“Child! I will offer you three options to do after your B.E. degree”

“Yes my lord”

“First option you can work in a big IT firm and earn 25000 per month.”

“Second option?”

“You can do higher studies and earn 40000 a month”

“Third option?”

“You can get married”

The girl thought for a while and said “My lord! I will go with the third option”

God smiled at her and continued talking “What kind of guy you expect?”

“He should earn at least a minimum of 80000 per month. A two bedroom flat in the city. A fairly priced sedan. I can adjust with a bike. But car would be better. A few lakhs in liquid cash, a few lakhs in fixed deposit and bonds. If he’s from US, things will be much easier. Apart from that I don’t expect much”

“There’s nothing more to expect from that poor soul” Ravi thought to himself upon hearing her.

God said “child your wish is granted!”

The girl was jumping with joy and walked out of the place.

After she had left, God turned towards Ravi

“Now my son you tell me”

Ravi already decided what he’s going to ask. He immediately said “God! I also wish to go for third option and get married to a girl who’s earning 80000 a month and having a two bedroom apartment in the city”

God really got pissed off on hearing this

“You fool!”

“Dude! What did I do?”

“You don’t have the third option for guys”

“But why!”

“If all guys choose third option, how will I be able to grant wishes for girls?”

“This is insane”

“the guys should choose one from the first two options, they study hard, write all exams, go for a job, work 18 hours a day, get stressed, change job, earn more money, gain more stress, do a hair implant, go to US, and earn money and spend all of it to a girl who is going to marry you”

“Sounds more like a curse to me. Hmmm at least grant me the first wish where I can earn 25000 by working in an IT firm”

“Sorry my son! I can’t grant you the other two wishes too!”

“What! Noooo! Why?”

“Because you were questioning me too much”

“Oh man!” said Ravi realizing what just happened.

“Now get out of here and start finding a job. Earn the money and a flat and all assets soon. Or else you will die alone”

Ravi woke up from his dream. Recalled what had happened

He screamed “Fucccck!!”

He heard his mom saying “Adi serupaala! Kaalangathala keta vartha pesuriya”

Ravi walked out of his room and started reading the opportunities column for job vacancies.

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  1. I can’t imagine a guy who doesn’t understand the word ‘Creator.’ Are B. E. guys always this dumb?

    I wish him all the best, anyway and thanks for this story which made me laugh and wonder in parts.

    Joy always,

    1. Actually i have seen engineers dumber than this!! so this character is very intelligent compared to them 🙂

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