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Inspiration Day: A simple plan to keep yourself creative

We all know how industrial revolution had changed the way we live. It paved way for the mass production of goods, consumerism and globalization. You might wonder why I am talking about industrial revolution all of a sudden. There’s a reason. As I can see we’re in the creative revolution. For the past ten years we can see a tremendous improvement towards people entering into creative fields like art, advertising, photography and design. The available of various online platforms, digital equipment and social media lets anybody with passion and creativity to be a star.

But for young mind to stay creative, we need inspiration. When I started photography in 2010, I started it as a hobby and I was very sure that I shouldn’t see photographs of any other artists. I thought, seeing others work might affect my own style even though I didn’t have any. But I was terribly wrong. Without seeing any works of others and getting inspired we can’t be sure whether we have a unique style or not. I could see a lot of difference in my photographs after starting to follow the works of various national and international photographers. So I say it is very important to get inspired from others.

For people who say I don’t have time to look for inspirations, I would like to say one thing. If you didn’t know about what others are doing and what others have done, you won’t be able to improvise and learn about your mistakes and you won’t be able to think anything new. What if you do something and think that it’s never done before and someone sees it and say “it’s already been done. Haven’t you seen it? It’s all over the internet”.

So my advice is, keep one day in a week to inspire yourself. Name it as Inspiration day. Minimize your Facebook usage and try to look through various online resources that can inspire you.

Don’t try to look for inspirations on Facebook. You will end up sending friend request to some girl or landing up posting something in any of those confession pages. So try to visit websites that serve as dedicated sources for creativity.

Name every Friday as inspiration day so that you can get inspired and plan to do something creative on during the weekends. I am also planning to start this from this week. Let’s see how this goes. If you guys find it productive or not productive , mail me your experience. It will be of great help.

I’ve also included some website which act as good sources to inspire you and also lets you showcase your creativity

Photography portfolio

Photography Inspirations and Tips


The above mentioned resources are the one I follow. Check it out and short list a couple of site which you feel is comfortable. If you planning to start “inspiration day” plan from today, my hearty wishes to you.
If you feel this post brilliant or stupid, give me your feedback at
Have a happy weekend ahead!

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. Excellent piece of advice, Karthik. I wish many would heed to your wise words instead of whiling away time in things that don’t contribute to one’s development internally and externally.

    Great post.

    Joy always,

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