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Similarities between Michael Crichton and Sujatha Rangarajan

I wanted to write a post on two of my favorite authors’ long time back. You might ask me what is so special with these two authors. There are so many fiction writers in Tamil as well as English. Why choose these two. Let me explain.


As far as I’ve known Michael Crichton and sujatha are the ones who brought the concept of high end techno- thrillers in their own respective languages. Both came into literature from different background. Michael Crichton came into literature after doing his degree in anthropology and medicine from Harvard medical school. Sujatha rangarajan came into literature after completing his engineering degree and working in BHEL for a couple of years.

Both played a very important role in educating the people regarding science and technology in their books. In fact both wrote informative books and manuals on computers and other science related topics. It is fascinating to see both mentioned about word processing programs in the 1970’s in their respective books. It is so amusing that both worked in movies as story and screenplay writers. Both their stories were made into movies. Some stories of Crichton made into movies are “Jurassic park, timeline, lost world, sphere, disclosure, rising sun”. And some of the stories of Sujatha that were made into movies are “Priya, Gayathri, Endhiran, karaiyellam shenbaga poo etc”.

Both of them has the same writing style. If you read a science fiction novel of Sujatha in Tamil you will feel like you are reading a Michael Crichton novel and vice versa. The flow of the language, placement of facts and description of the characters will almost be the same. And it is important to know that both lived in the same time period.

It is an unique coincidence to see two writers from different parts of the world having a similar writing style.

It is also very sad the both my favorite writers are no more. But the important thing to note here is both passed away during the same year, 2008.

These are some similarities between the two highly celebrated writers of English and tamil literary world.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. No matter how similar, I don’t think any two artists can have the same style. Overall they might seem similar but there are finer nuances that are mastered by each of them.

    Books, authors and love of reading together in a post are always great reads.

    Joy always,

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