VIDEO: How to bring cool vintage effects to your images

The increasing sales of smartphones exponentially increase the use of photo apps like instagram, camera ZOOM FX, etc. Many a times I wonder what makes these apps so popular than the rest of the apps that are present in the app stores. And the answer is, cool photo effects. The app lets you add cool photo effects to your image and make them look cool and awesome. Especially apps like instagram are known for their effects like Nashville effect, vintage effect, X-pro etc.

Many people who are budding photographers and amateurs try to use similar effects using Photoshop. Either they use presets in Lightroom or they go for Photoshop actions which are readily available for download on the internet. But creating such vintage effects isn’t that hard. All it takes is three layers and some patience and you can create such effects within a span of 2-3 minutes.

In order to explain this in a much detailed manner, I came across two videos on YouTube when I was looking for how to create vintage effects in Photoshop. The tutorial is simple and it works really well on images. I tried a couple of images and it worked fine. Try it out and have fun!

NOTE: Make sure you choose the right image for the vintage effect. That is always important.

Instagram Nashville effect in Photoshop

Instagram “1977” effect in Photoshop

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