Brazilian photographer Alves filho’s creative 365 project

Every photographer stands unique only by the way they present the scene that unfold in front of them. It’s really rare for two photographers to say the same scene in the same way. Everyone is different and that is what makes every photographer special. Many photographers from all over the world try to do several photography projects in order to keep a check on their creativity and to send out a strong social or cultural message to the other people out there. Thanks to Internet and digital photography made this easier than before.

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On the context to what we are discussing here, I would like to mention a photography project done by Brazilian photographer tunisio alves filho. He has photographed the famous barra lighthouse of brazil 365 times. The uniqueness of the project is each shot is creative and different from the previous one. Throughout the project alves tried to portray not only the scenic beauty of the lighthouse, but also the people, daily life and culture spun around it. I was completely blown away when I saw the entire project. Every photograph has the lighthouse occupying atleast one percent of the frame. Portraying the same place in so many ways is a highly challenging task and alves achieved it.

As soon as I saw the project, I couldn’t stop myself from sending a mail to Mr.Alves filho, appreciating his work. I also asked him:

How did u get the idea to do this as a project ? 

“The Barra Lighthouse is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Salvador, Brazil not only for it´s historic importance but also for its privileged location.  There are many elements to be explored (ocean tides, weather, vegetation, surrounding buildings…etc) in this particular lighthouse that would allow me to apply multiple photographic techniques.”

The reason I wanted to write about this is, amateur photographers like us should try to do some creative projects that not only showcase our skills but also portray the life, people and culture of our place.

Here are a few pictures from Alves’s 365 project. Check out his website to view his entire project.

You can find his complete works on : – 365 project

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  1. Truly incredible, Karthik. Thanks for showing this marvellous project to us.

    You should do something like this in Chennai for Madras Day. Maybe our lighthouse itself and pay a tribute to the photographer.

    Joy always,

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