INFOGRAPHIC: How much does it cost to build a real iron man suit ?

Yesterday i saw the much eagerly awaited “Iron man 3”. The movie is a decent flick, featuring some super cool technologies, the MK 42 suit and a bunch of automated iron man towards the end of the movie ( Don’t consider this as a spoiler, because you might’ve already seen this in trailer). Everytime i watch the iron man movie, i used to think “is it possible to make a fully functional exoskeleton suit ?”. I was even looking for youtube videos and articles where a bunch of geeks succeeded in making bits and pieces of the suit. I won’t say they feature technologies shown in the movie. But they looked super cool.

After some research on the internet, i came across an interesting infographic which tells you how much will it cost to build a fully functional iron man suit. The infographic was very intresting and a price tag is been introduced for every piece of technology embedded into the suit. Check it out



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