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PHOTO SERIES: The Unnoticed

Today morning i was taking my usual 6.10 train to my college. I was too bored to listen to the music i had in my mobile so i started to look around. That is when i started observing a lot of things inside the train compartment. I could see a design, a pattern everywhere. Torn seats, scrapped of posters, love notes scribbled by some stranger to portray his love to the world and lots more. For a moment i felt everything around me is trying to communicate something.

So I decided to challenge myself and start a small photo project. I named it as “The unnoticed”.I asked myself ” How many pictures can i take during my train journey?”. I thought it should be single day project which involves four hours of train journey ( to and fro). And i wanted to take many abstract shots. CameraZOOM-20130503074553320That is the moment i found that i didn’t bring my camera along with me. So i thought of shooting the pictures using my 2 MP camera. I am strong believer of “Good shots has nothing to do with a good camera”. So i started clicking using my mobile phone and by the end of the day when i reached home, i am not disappointed. I felt good for being able to bring out something hidden in those compartments all those years. In a way, i can say i am completely satisfied with the output.

When you’re looking at the pictures, imagine yourself travelling in a train and see how can you relate yourself to each picture. It may bring some good memories, some bad memories or no memories at all. But its worth the try.

For the first time, i tried something out of my comfort zone. I don know how you feel about it. Good or bad pour in your comments and opinions so that i can improve.

CameraZOOM-20130503072111937 CameraZOOM-20130503074821418 CameraZOOM-20130503075153371 CameraZOOM-20130503075315814 CameraZOOM-20130503075402035 CameraZOOM-20130503075717111 CameraZOOM-20130503080108043 CameraZOOM-20130503080225671 CameraZOOM-20130503080413410 CameraZOOM-20130503080619591 CameraZOOM-20130503113433678 CameraZOOM-20130503125451269

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. suriyanarayanan suriyanarayanan

    very nice !!!!! good work

  2. Malavika Malavika

    nice clicks karthik :)… could identify all the fotos except the first one… 🙂 how or where did u take that one? the one that has a shadow of a guy sitting near a window but it looks like its been taken from behind something…:)

    • rkarthikpasupathy rkarthikpasupathy

      Thanks mals! I have taken it from behind the plastic glass which is usually present near the entrance of the compartment. Next time you travel in train try to see it. It used to have too many scratches as it was made of plastic

  3. This brought back wonderful memories of travelling by the electric trains. Thanks KP for this beautiful post. Your eye for detail is quite brilliant.

    Joy always,

  4. venkatachalam venkatachalam

    every shot is a poem to those who look at it such a way. keep going.Vision is one but presentations are many

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