Karthik’s Life equation : The outcome of too much thinking

When I was in my school and college I always used to think that life is complicated. I used to tell my friends that life is a complex system with lot of things happening in random order to keep you occupied. I even wrote a quote in my notebook that “Life is a magic show that constantly keeps you under illusion till our last breath”.

Later on when I started thinking about why life is so complex, I found that too much of factors are involved in it. That is what makes it complex. You can see that an equation with too many variables ( like drake’s equation to calculate possibility of life on another planet) and a password with too many characters takes longer time to solve. The same thing is happening with our lives.


At each and every stage of our lives, many variables get added to your life equation. Your actions or the action of others in your equation strongly affects your decisions. You might ask me “Are you nuts? I can’t understand what you’re talking about”. Let me explain it in the form of an equation.

I don’t have a fancy name. So let’s name it as Karthik’s Life equation. I wish to see this in mathematics textbooks in future.

NOTE: I’m quite weak in mathematics, if someone good at it…help me sort this out!

When you are born your life has two variables: your mom and dad. Let x be yourself and Xm and Xd are your mom and dad

Xm + Xd = 0

This is how I’ve seen equations all my life (=0) so let’s assume it that way. Until the age of 10 or 11 the equation doesn’t change. You mostly depend on your parents. You won’t know much about how life sucks and you won’t have much burden into studies.

When you enter the teens you will have more friends, and you will also have an idea of what you want to be in your life. Your parents want to put you into IIT coaching so that you outscore the boy who lives next door. Now the equation will be

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xa + Xiit + Xtb =0

Xf  – your friends

Xa – your ambition of what you want to be in life

Xiit – entrance coaching

Xtb – test performance of boy next door

Ok now let’s don’t give a shit about the boy next door or iit coaching(Xiit=0; Xtb = 0). Still  your mom , dad and friend’s actions will have a deep impact towards your ambition. Let us see how.

Say you wanted to become an artist

Case 1:

And all your surroundings are against it. ( Xm=-1;Xd=-1 and Xf=-1). Now by substituting the values we get

-1 + -1 + -1 + Xa + 0 + 0 = 0

 Xa = -3

Case 2:

Say your friends support your idea of becoming a geologist (Xf=1). We get

-1 + -1 + 1 + Xa + 0 + 0 =0

Xa = -1

Now you can see how the opinion and decisions of others are making an impact in your life.

Feeling bad? I will make you feel worse now. Now consider you have a girlfriend. We can name her as “Xg”. You’re madly in love with her and you want her to be your life partner. So you struggle hard and get a good job “Xj”. The important thing of all is that your job is not related to your passion or ambition. Its something different. You work for a bank. But you still wanted to be an artist. Now let’s see the equation.

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xa = 0

Now, you earn some big bucks in the job and your parents want you to get married. Now you get two new variable Xgm and Xgd. Your girlfriend’s mom and dad.

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xa = 0

Now all of them are pushing you to get a two bedroom apartment in OMR. Now you got a new variable called bank loan. Lets name it as Xb.

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xb + Xa = 0

Now everybody around you wants you to have a kid. So you go ahead and get one. Your new born adds more weight to your equation

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xb +  Xs + Xa = 0

 Adding a variable to each step will piss you off. I don’t want to do that. So let’s roll the wheels forward and see how the equation looks when you’re at 50

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xb +  Xs + Xse + Xsc +Xsg + Xsgm + Xsgd + Xss + Xsse + Xa = 0

Xs – your son

Xse – your son’s education

Xsc – your son’s college fees

Xsg – your son’s girlfriend

Xsgm – your son’s girlfriend’s mom

Xgsd – your son’s girlfriend’s dad

Xss – your grandson

Xsse – your grandson’s education

Now you would’ve got a clear idea of what are all the factors stand before your ambition. This is the reason that many people die without being able to achieve what they want. They live their life by so many restrictions and take opinions and suggestions from too many people and complicate their lives. When don’t listen to most of them, they become zero. The more variables become zero, the closer you will be to your ambition.

You might ask me why you took so much pain to write all those equation. I would say, when I write it in the same in a couple of paragraphs, you wouldn’t know what’s there in front of you. Now when you look at the above equation you will be shocked to see how every person surrounding you plays a very important role in changing your future.

This equation is just a model. Sit down in your room and write down your ambition in life. Write down your own equation with people involved in it. Evaluate how close are you in achieveing what you want. You will get a clear idea of where you are and how much further you have to go, in order to achieve your goal.

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  1. Equations are perfect and makes sense and brings more clarity on why a person is unable to achieve his passion. Equation is more related to passion. Life, the word has more dimensions and more experience apart from passion.

  2. This is one the good analysis of the current situation,youth of our country is facing they are torn between their ambition and society,they are not backed up to achieve their ambition,this equation above surely tell us what the youth basically middle class is suffering.If a person is really passionate about the work he is doing at that point only he can achieve great if he has no passion towards his job or work then according to me he is not more than a slave or donkey to be bluntly put..We should change the way youth and children precieve things,only at that point of time we can truely become global leaders ,hence according we should seriously take these equations and move towards minimizing it

    Good work karthik keep it up

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