Smartphone wars

We all know that famous brands fight in public media like TV and news media in order to show their greatness and success in the consumer market. This is happening for a long time and recent brand wars are happening in the smartphone market. I came across television ads of two smartphone manufacturers which are highly similar. The first advertisement was from Samsung which gave an attractive offer to its customers on their newly launched galaxy series of smartphones and phablets.

A few days later, I was watching IPL and I saw an advertisement by micromax which said that more than 1 million people own micromax device without any of those attractive offers. I felt that micromax is trying say that many have their smartphones without any offers because they are highly affordable. No offense but that is how I have felt on seeing both the ads.

For those who haven’t seen the advertisements. Here it goes.

The advertisement by Samsung

The advertisement by Micromax

Apart from this I also came across a new TVC for Nokia Lumia smartphones which show a bunch of apple and android fans fighting against each other in order to prove who is the best and two waiters capture the entire chaos using their Lumia phones.

I don’t know how far the smartphone wars are gonna go, but its fun watching this ads because there’s a lot of creativity involved in it

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