The Writer illusion

[CAUTION: Bad language.I mean in terms or tense and Grammar]

I am no extraordinary man. I am just a normal youth who wish nothing but a decent job, good money and happy life. Apart from what every common man dreams about, i have an urge to write something. To pen down every word that comes across my mind all the time. But most of the time i fail to do it. Not that i don’t want to. But i am really lazy to do it. Sometimes i try hard. I used to sit through the night in order to finish writing something which i have been  thinking for a long time and by the time i complete it , i know that its all crap. Its not what i dreamt about all these time.

It all started in the year 2004, when i first got the copy of “The Da vinci’s code” which was delivered to our home by Reader’s digest as a complimentary gift for our subscription to the magazine. I started reading not because i am interested in the story, but because of the controversy the book faced during that time. Also a brief review of the book was written by my favorite tamil author Sujatha Rangarajan in his weekly column Katradhum petradhum. I started reading Dan brown’s masterpiece and it was a completely enthralling read. I couldn’t even take my eye off the book for a week ( I am a very slow reader). When i completed Da vinci code, my dad got me other three books of Dan brown. Along with that he also got me a copy of Paulo coelho’s “The alchemist”.

After completing dan brown’s books, “The alchemist” was a completely different experience. The book slowly grabs you inside and make you travel along with the shepard boy Santiago. After 2005 i didn’t read many books. I was busy joining an engineering course which will duly arrest all my creative thinking and make me brain dead.

In 2007 i was sitting in my class and i saw my friend reading a book called “The sphere” by Michael crichton. I borrowed the book from him and started reading the first few chapters. Believe it or not. I completed the whole book in two days ( approximately 8 hours). After that i have read all the books written by michael crichton. His books had a personality, a futuristic approach towards science and technology. His books created a feeling that anything is possible with science and technology. That is the time the thought of writing came into my mind. The seed started growing into a plant very soon and i started writing articles in my class e-mail group which soon helped me start my own blog.

In 2009, I came across novels of chetan bhagat. It really simplified writing to a great extent. The simple language and a humorous narration kept me going until the last page of the book. Chetan bhagat’s books gave me confidence to write more and more. I even tried to adapt to his style of writing. But i dropped it later on because i know it won’t give me an identity. But according to me, chetan bhagat has revolutionized indian writing.

Since 2010, i was thinking about writing a novel . I read books of many authors like R.K narayan, charles dickens, O henry, Ashwin sanghi, sydney sheldon, Walter Issacson, Bill bryson, etc. But recently when i sat in front of my laptop to draw a rough layout for my novel, i was not able to do it. That is when i realised, i thought that i have read books of many writers. But i was still stuck in a small wheel.

After this incident, i started digging on the internet and came across works of many excellent writers. Their words and articles made me realize how big is the world of literature and how much effort is required from my side.

One more important lesson i learnt about writing is, there is no such thing called “mood” for writing. A talented writer should always be capable of being creative. The biggest mistake i make all these time is that i wait for the right mood before i write. But the quote of a famous american writer E.B.white gave a huge slap in my face. It woke me up from the dreamy world i was living in. The quote goes like this:

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

After reading this yesterday i questioned myself the reason for wasting all these years .The worst part is i couldn’t find the reason.  But i was happy on the other side because i realized this before its too late. I still got a long way to go and every word i come across from now on, will take me a step closer to my goal. It may take a few months or several years to accomplish what i have in my mind. But when it comes out to your hands as a book you will definitely feel the difference.

I don’t have to make this confession. But it is necessary, for myself and for those who have the burning desire to write. At some point of time every budding writer will face this problem. Realising this problem and addressing it at the right time will still give you time to create something wonderful with your words. There is a saying that words don’t come from you, it comes through you. All you have to do is, prepare yourself to let the words flow through you.


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