Spontaneity of Thoughts : A sleeping volcano

Thoughts. The very basic thing that constantly stirs our consciousness and helps us move to the next level or bury ourselves in our own miseries. Our thoughts won’t die until our mind is active. Our thoughts might be alive even after our mind is dead, but we don’t know it because we will be long gone to sense its presence.

There are certain things about thoughts that makes them mysterious and at the same time interesting. Thoughts are highly spontaneous and explosive. Sometimes contagious too. we all would have experienced the spontaneity of thoughts. The hum of a song, the glimpse of an image, a scene from the movie, the scent of a flower, the taste of a dessert and zillion different things constantly bombards our minds with thoughts. Some of them pushes us to happiness and some of them pushes us to deep sadness.  

Sometimes it will push us into the eternal void of which will make us feel completely lost. It often happens to a lot of men. That is the reason at times when your mom asks your dad “What are you thinking ?” he would usually reply “nothing”. It actually happens to men at several instances. Our brains has the black hole for thoughts. Weird but true.

This spontaneity of thoughts will help us find a unique idea, or a solution to a never ending problem or even a masterpiece. One great example is Tractatus Logico-philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein. This book was considered as one of the best works of the twentieth century. This full length philosophical book was written when ludwig was an Austrian soldier in world war I.


Ludwig Wittgenstein


He always used to carry a dairy with him . Even during the war, he used to spontaneously remember things to add to his book. He used to hide somewhere and make a note of it. Later he finished the book at 1918  when he was a war prisoner at Como, Italy.

From this we realise that some of the best thoughts and works in the pages of history are not planned for a long time. Rather they are spontaneous. Some call this spontaneous phenomena as creativity when it comes to art and intellect when it comes to science. But the underlying phenomena is the same.

For those who ask how creativity or intellect works, i would say that they are nothing by connection of things that we learned in the past. But the most important thing is that these things should be connected in the right order. Steve jobs mentions that creativity is nothing by connection of things we learnt in the past. This would give us the answer we are looking for.

Sometimes our mind subconsciously connects everything and brings it to the surface which is when we feel the “Eureka!!” moment.

I can go on and on about thoughts, mind and creativity. But i have to put a full stop somewhere. Probably in the next article I will talk about how inspiration helps with creativity. I might have used the word “Sometimes” so many times in this article. I don’t want to use several synonyms for the word “sometimes” and make you sick. Maybe i will try something different for the next time. Have a good day

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