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Thoughts and creativity are linked to our past: A personal experience

After i wrote about spontaneity of thoughts in my previous article, i got feedback from some of my friends. They were telling me that the idea of relating creativity to our past is confusing. A friend of mine also told me that the father-mother example given in my previous article is not relevant to anything i spoke in that article. It’s true. Even i felt that the example was mispositioned in the article. But i didn’t want to change it. I don’t know why.

Me and my friend we discussing about the example from the previous article and she asked me whether it is possible for men to sit simply without thinking anything. Yes. We have the privilege to shut down our processors for every now and then. It is even proven scientifically. You can see a very good article and video on this particular topic.

I was telling her on chat that men lack 900+ genes which are present in women. This is due to the evolutionary process. The chromatic aberrations in men for all these years had brought down a considerable number of genes. And sometime in the future this will lead to extinction of the entire male population.

She found this news shocking and she asked me “Then how will there be a growth in population if there are only females ?”. I told her that nature might find a way to solve this problem. Even two females can give birth to a child. Evolution could make this possible and the child which is born could be a male (due to chromosomal changes) and this might again give rise to the male race. I even quoted from the movie The Jurassic park where Dr Malcolm will say “Life will find its own way”. ( Actually they were words of Michael crichton). When i typed this on the chat box, i realised that i said something new which i was not prevalent in many science books. I realised that my past knowledge on evolution, human race and genetic mutation has lead me to a new hypothesis where i propose reproduction is possible between two female organisms in the absence of male species. This phenomena is discussed previously on amphibians and protozoans. But not in humans.


The above conversation clearly proves two things. Spontaneity of thoughts and how creativity is linked to our past. The discussion about something that i have done previously has given me an explosion of thoughts about lack of genes in male race, Dr. Malcolm’s quote from jurassic park, and what will happen to male population in the future. Also it has given me a new thought on how life would flourish in the absence of one sex(male). This simple example can prove how creativity is connected to our past.

We can think something new only if we know what is old and outdated. When we come up with something creative we have to know whether its already been done or not. But how to we come to those conclusions ? From the knowledge we get from the past.

Steve jobs says that “Creativity is connecting things”. Its true. Creativity is like a string of beads put in the right order. Here each beads refer to thoughts or experiences we came across in the past.

So everything we have seen or experienced in the past has a vital role to play in our creative thought process.

I don’t know whether this post has made any sense about what i was intended to explain. If you feel that it doesn’t kindly mail me at

Your insights might give me a new perspective to work on. See you soon with something new!

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. True that. Everything is connected to everything else. The past, present and future are linked whether we like it or not and most writers’ works are partly autobiographical as we can only write from our own examples.

    Good post.

    Joy always,

    • rkarthikpasupathy rkarthikpasupathy

      Thanks susan! 🙂

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