Does “Follow your heart” means “Follow your brain” ?

A lot of people who give motivational talks tell that “Follow your heart”. But the fact is you can’t follow your heart. Because you heart is located inside you so you cannot follow it, may be go along with it. I think that is what we are all doing till this moment. Going along with it. The scenario is possible if you gave your heart to someone else and follow them. I am not putting any wrong intentions in your mind. I am just kidding. Let’s come to the point now. When people tell you to follow your heart, are they really telling you to follow your heart ? or are they telling you to follow your mind ? And what is the difference between mind and heart ?

This is one of the complicated questions that has been discussed for many years. What is mind and what is heart ? how do they differ ? where both of them are located ? are the few questions we are going to discuss here . I am not certain about my ideas but, i am writing what i felt logical when i thought about the concept.

According to the biology books heart is an organ which pumps blood to every part of your body and keeps you alive. It helps carry oxygen to our brain and keep us conscious and thoughtful all the time. But very often heart is tied up to a place where we keep all our happiness, sadness, experiences, decisions, etc. But isn’t that place called “Brain”? Then why do they call it heart. We both know that heart doesn’t have any neural or reasoning capacity beyond pumping blood throughout your body then why do we often mistake brain as heart. May be we adopted too much from literature which often talks about heart.


Usually the mind is referred to a logical and reasoning unit and heart is referred to a intuitive and emotional unit. Mind values facts and logic whereas the heart values emotion and instinct. But both are just names given by us. But the truth is both the units are present only inside our brain. Whatever we are is because of our brain. No other organ in the body determines our character other than our brain. So our brain has given us enough freedom to think us that we have a heart and it is responsible for all the emotional turmoil we face. May be brain tried to create and decoy and blame everything on the heart.

But i vote for brain. When a situation is put forth, one part of the brain calculates the facts like a calculator and other part takes the current parameters and runs a simulation. The result of the simulation gives us a imaginary prediction that this could happen when we do this. This prediction is called as instinct.  When the percentage the prediction is higher we feel our gut feeling or instinct is stronger. We are more inclined towards that. At that point of time even your logical unit of the brain goes along with it. That is when you do things spontaneously based on your instinct.

When the percentage of prediction goes lower, the logical part puts an argument with the other unit and that is where you come across a dilemma. This is what happens inside our brain when we make a decision.

So next time when someone is telling you to follow your heart, remember that you are actually going to follow your brain. Whether you are going to follow the facts or prediction depends upon the scenario that you are into .

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