What do we need to build an efficient workforce ? – My experience from the Randstad HR Summit 2013

A couple of days back i got an invitation from Mr.Vikas chawla,  co-founder of Social Beat, which is a social media marketing company set up in chennai. He appreciated my blog and invited me to be a part of Randstad HR summit which happened on 3rd of september (The day before yesterday). Social beat was the social media partner for the event and i was invited on behalf of social beat.

The venue of the event was Hotel Leela Palace, Chennai. I reached the venue at around 6.30 and i could see a sea of HR professionals from various companies who had come to attend the event. I thought I am the odd one out. The hospitality from the hotel staff was pleasing and i was eagerly waiting to hear the panel discussion.

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The panel discussion featured some of the leading professionals from the field of human resources and they discussed various points on “forces shaping the world of work”. The prime focus of the event was to see what’s keeping the current workforce to constantly switch between companies and what are the ways by which we can keep the employees happy at their workplace. The topic was about the issues which are very essential for any corporate environment.

Panel members discussing today's challenges faced by HR professionals
Panel members discussing today’s challenges faced by HR professionals

Rajeev Menon from Cognizant technologies said that social media is the key to attract new generation employees. He said that the loyalty towards the company among the new generation has seen a considerable decrease and at the same time there is a sharp increase in competition and the mindset of youngsters to prove themselves.

Rajeev Menon, Senior Director - Human Resources, Cognizant technologies
Rajeev Menon, Senior Director – Human Resources, Cognizant technologies

Muthukumar Thanu from TAFE said that the new generation is very much loyal to the job they do than to the company they work for. He also mentioned that social media will play a positive role in growth of the company when a satisfied employee shares his experiences to his friends and family members. He told that the social media also has equal negatives aspects and it should be handled with care. He also mentioned that their basic needs have completely changed and they are working hard to meet them.

Muthukumar Thanu expressing his views on impact of social media
Muthukumar Thanu expressing his views on impact of social media

Murthy K , CEO of Randstad India while speaking said that India is one of the countries that produces the highest MBA graduates. He said that the job should be designed in a flexible way so that the employees doesn’t feel too much burden at workplace.

Keith Huggins, from Mcdermott India shared his experience when he visited India twenty years back and now. He said that education is fierce today when compared to the past and competition is getting heavy day by day. He told that the alphabet “H” in the word “HR” stands for Human and the company should keep that in mind before taking any action. He said that the HR people should help the company in creating a harmonious workplace.

(From Left to Right) Muthukumar Thanu, Murthy K and Keith Huggins
(From Left to Right) Muthukumar Thanu, Murthy K and Keith Huggins

A guest member , Priya from the delegates was also called on to the stage to join the panel discussion. She represented her views on behalf of the younger generation.

By the end of the panel discussion, i got a clear picture of issues that are need to be addressed and the importance of HR professionals in every company. By planning efficiently and implementing it we can create a great work atmosphere.

After the panel discussion, the evening got much better with some great food and cocktails from the hospitality team of Leela palace.

A special thanks to Social Beat and Randstad India for inviting me to be a part of the event.

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