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Cursed single folks and the word called “Anna”

[NOTE: I am not talking about the entire female race here. I am talking about the exceptional ones. If you are not in the exceptional list, then you don’t have to get angry on me. ]

There is a recent trend these days. Whenever you enter a new place, say college or office, the first of the many questions you face is “Do you have a girlfriend?” If we say “NO” then they will look as if we have committed some crime.

Once a girl asked me “Do you have a girlfriend?”

I said “No, I am single from birth”.

But she didn’t believe me. She said “Hey! Don’t lie to me”

I thought what’s there to lie in this? If I have a girlfriend, I am going to say that I am in a relationship.

Then it took me more than 30 minutes to explain that I am single and I am telling the truth, after which the girl stopped talking to me (one of the most stupid things I have done in my life). May be she would have thought that if I am committed, it would have been safe for her to speak to me. Bullshit!!

If a girl is single, people will think that she’s living her life with principles and she hates guys! But if a guy is single, then the society will say that he lack skills of “correcting a girl” (colloquial term). People would say “He was never in a relationship? I think something is wrong with him”. Again..Bullshit!

In the 1980’s Tamil movies when a groom says he doesn’t want dowry, the bride side would say that the groom might have some trouble or weakness. The same situation is faced by every guy who is single.

And moreover the worst logic from girls side is single guys are dangerous. If the guy says he is committed to someone or in a relationship then he is considered as a responsible person. And single guys are called as “Anna” which means “brother” in English.

During a conversation sometimes, girls will ask your birth date and if you are born after them then they would say with a smiley face “You are like my little brother”. Little brother! my ass. The difference would be four months or five months and they would say that we are their little brother. Guys clearly know it whether the girl really considers him as her brother and just puts out the word for safety. Most of the guys aren’t perverts to propose to a girl who is elder to him. I agree there are exceptions and I know the girls are going to beat the shit out of me seeing this post. But there are exceptions in boys as well as girls side. But this is what is happening today.

To all the girls out there, I would like to say one thing on behalf of the guys. Just because you call a guy as “Anna”, he not going to consider you as his sister, unless and until he wants to. And if you think you are safe when speaking to a guy who is already committed, you are wrong again. There are odds in every scenario.

I am not telling that every guy is good. There are bad people among us. But that shouldn’t make you people think every guy is sick and the word “Anna” would do magic upon them. It’s wrong. A kind advice to all the girls out there is, be you. If a guy goes beyond limit, say it out clearly so that he realizes his mistake or slap him in the face so that he realizes it the hard way.

For your record, a guy is single most of the times because he likes it that way.

I know that the comment vultures who are ready to throw the comments will say that “You are jealous because you are single and you have been called “Anna” by so many girls”. I am not jealous. I am feeling frustrated seeing this scenario which is common everywhere and it needs to be changed. If a guy is good to you consider him as a friend. Give him the respect and he will respect you two times more (more than 70% men do this. I am sure).

We are living in kaliyuga , where there is one part good and three parts of bad. So the odds are quite high. But still we can change this scenario if we address the issues properly

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. I guess you are somewhat right in your observations ..we do prefer committed guys and use the word “anna” or “bhai”. But its one of the ways to protect ourselves. What happens is if a guy is single and we are not calling him anna. In such scenarios what happens is ” We consider him as a friend, go with him for a movie and tells him our secrets ask him for a drop to our home and help him with his assignments or do him some kind of favours , then eventually what will happen guys will consider these as a indication that we do have a liking for him and then we tell him we haven’t thought about you like that and yes we haven’t , the guy will misunderstand , …. so its like prevention is better than cure and what problem do you have if we call you Anna , don’t consider us as ur sister , we are not asking you to do brotherly favours for us , but atleast you will be sure that we do not have a feeling for you … ……

    • rkarthikpasupathy rkarthikpasupathy

      Thanks for the comment Nimi, It’s nice to know a girls point of view.

  2. AB AB

    I never understood why girls like calling guys they barely know as “anna”. A brother is a very special relationship and should not be thrown around like that. If a girl really has a brother then she will know how they feel towards their sisters and would not just use that word on random men. I never call anyone anna if i can help it.
    But KP here is another point of view from the girls side. There is a peer pressure for girls to call men anna. If they don’t their girlfriends will sometimes assume that the girl is interested in the guy and tease her about them, even though she doesnt have any such feelings. I have faced this a lot during my college days because i dont like calling guys anna.
    Now that I am older it is a lot easier. I never call anyone thambi either! because my real thambi is special to me. I think it will get easier and easier as I get older. From now on kutti paiya will do! There are perks to aging after all.
    But all this doesnt mean that “friend” is not special. That too is a special relationship and shouldnt be used for all.

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