Too worried about the plastic in the new iPhone ? Dude! Worry about the plastic around you!!

[DISCLAIMER: I am no way accusing any brand or product. I am just accusing the people]

when i woke up in the morning i could see my Facebook news feed is filled with news about the all new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5S is fantastic. I was happy to see some new features in iPhone 5S . Its going to do great in the market. Even before the launch i was able to see at least one post about the newly debuted iPhone 5C which is claimed as the low cost version of the iPhone for the masses. As soon as the leaked images started to appear on the internet there is a big buzz about iPhone using plastic in their product. It was mentioned in every technology website as if apple is committed a big crime.

Many people claim that iPhone is ugly because of the plastic. I could laugh about nothing but the foolish nature of people to worry about a company which is using plastic in their new product. Don’t you ever realized that the plastic around you is making the planet ugly ? Dude you worry about the quality of a phone whose technology was not more than three decades old. But you don’t seem to bother about the place in which you are living.


The nature took 4 billion years to form the earth and we destroyed it in less than 200 years. The greatest achievement of human race is that we have shown that we can destroy a planet in two centuries.

You are not worried about what sort of chemicals that are being used to grow your vegetables and what sort of gases which are used to ripen your fruits. You don’t give a damn about the hormones that are being injected into the chicken that you eat. You don’t care about the mono sodium glutamate (MSG) that is added to the burgers and pizzas you eat.

I am not telling that buying an iPhone is wrong and anything like that. I am telling that there are a ton of other things to worry about apart from what material is being in the new phone you are going to buy.

I can’t say anything but one word to all of you out there


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