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DERETEL : The Future of Shopping

During the beginning of the internet age, CEO of Apple computer Steve jobs gave an interview to the wired magazine. During the interview he was asked about the power of internet and its applications in the future, he told that internet will play a major role in commerce. He visualized a day where people can pay and buy things online.

A couple of decades his dream came true. Thanks to sites like amazon and eBay which completely revolutionized the way we shop. The online shopping fever also caught up in India recently with the launch of sites like flipkart, jabong, zovi, yepme etc. The reason for people to shop online is very simple. They don’t find time and they get the products right at their doorstep. But the innovation in technology doesn’t stop here. New advancements in the field of science and technology can hold a lot more in the bag which could change the way we shop. I had visualized a technology which could change online shopping to a great extent by 2030


I named this technology as DERETEL. DERETEL stands for demolecularized and Remolecularized teleportation. In order to establish DERETEL in an efficient way, every neighborhood should have a product dispatch center which will look a lot like an ATM vestibule. The dimension of the product dispatch center will be large with a couple of product dispatch machines installed to handle a huge customer volume.

The product dispatch machine will have a touch response monitor for customer inputs. A customer can choose the product from various categories and select what he wants. He can drag and drop the items onto the shopping cart present on the bottom of the screen. Once done with the shopping, he needs to insert his credit or debit card and pay the money. Facility will also be provided for depositing cash in the same product delivery machine. Once the money is paid, the Product dispatch center (PDC) will send the billing information the centralized dispatch center (CDC) which will be distributing products to the particular city or state. The automated system will collect everything and put them in a basket.

Once everything is put up in a basket, the demolecularizing process will be initiated. The products will be destructed into molecules and will be sent across the wire to the PDC of the customer location. At the product dispatch center, the products will be remolecularized and given to the customer. The selection of products from the warehouse to the designated product dispatch center might take roughly from 3 to 5 minutes.

You might ask about the return policies. People who have received the wrong product can contact the store in charge, who will be collecting the products. All the products collected by the end of the day will be sent back to the Centralized dispatch center through the DERETEL technology. Defective parts will be separately demolecularized to Defectives dispatch center (DDC).

Holographic scanners

The same product dispatch machine will be installed with 3D holographic projectors and scanners which will help the customers in a great way. If the customer wants to buy a shirt or pant, the 3D holographic machine will read the customer dimensions (Height, weight, waist size etc.) Based on your information the machine will provide him with clothes and shoes of right size. The holographic projector will also provide him with the virtual image of the size, so that the customer can check if he really fits in.

The DERETEL technology can also be installed in product service centers so that in case of any problem, the product can be demolecularized to the service center for repairs. The technology needs a huge investment. But if installed in widespread locations, the production costs of setting up PDC and CDC’s might come down.

The advantage of this technology is it can greatly minimize transportation costs. The technology is nothing but a fax machine for objects. The transaction of products needs to be routed across a customs committee which will be a government body monitoring the transaction of any illegal items or living beings (could happen!!). This scanning will be done before the demolecularization process, as it cannot be stopped in between. Only after the scanning is completed in the CDC, the products will be sent to the customer.

The technology is complex and needs a lot of scientific breakthroughs to make this possible. But if executed in the right way, this can revolutionize the whole experience of shopping (although it can be used in a lot of other avenues too!).

Science fiction is nothing but a technology which is waiting to become true. So let’s keep calm and wait for DERETEL.

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