Hell Ride : Episode one

[NOTE: This is a work of fiction with a pinch of personal experience]

My name is Uday Ranjan and Unfortunately I am an Engineering Student

The saturday was still dull at 10.30 pm and i was sitting in front of the TV like a couch potato. As my eyes were asleep, my hands involuntarily switched between the tv channels. suddenly a show caught my attention . It was a reality show. A group of white folks will be dropped into a forest or desert  for a week or so. The person who survives those extreme conditions will get money and the others will not even be in a state to see who’s getting that prize money . Seeing this suddenly i was remembered of one such experience i had during my college. It was called the employment camp.

In mid 2008, I got a letter from my college management stating that i was selected for the 10 day employability camp(residential). My parents were happy as if i got admission at the Hogwarts school. I was also feeling happy when i thought of getting myself a job. The day came and i was stepping out of my house. My goal was only one thing..” Uday get yourself ….a job? No. Get yourself a girlfriend!”. who cares about job when you are in college . I took the college bus and the ride was like hell because my driver always follows a cycle which goes in front of him. The speed would be usually 8 kmph. We successfully reached college and we were asked to wait in the dormitory.

Suddenly i was remembered of the dormitories that i have seen in english movies. There will be stacks of beds arranged beautifully in a big hall. A watchman looking like bruce lee opened up the dormitory and i was shocked. The room was empty!!!! I interiors looked like the room was a victim to the hiroshima blast. We entered the room and i could see students blaming the institution for arranging such an accommodation. Some guys even walked home seeing the place. The place was the worst.

when we were all screaming and shouting about the our fate in the filthy dungeon , a big shadow came past us and stood in front of us. It was allen , the incharge for the camp. He is a man in his mid forties with well combed  hair and a swollen face.He more or less looked like eddie murphy from “Nutty professor”. He came in spoke in a commanding voice,

” Boys! you have been allotted places here, since  we don’t have sufficient rooms in the hostel; so make yourself comfortable in here for the next ten days”.

Hearing this,some students went to coma and other started behaving as if they were drunk. After allen walked away, we were told to assemble at the auditorium within 30 minutes. I looked at my watch and the needle showed me 6.00 pm. Soon I heard a loud  thud of the coir mattresses tied in bundles thrown onto the ground by the housekeeping staff . I imagined the whole mass of students rolling over it for ten horrible days. I just went to fresh up and when i came back i was shocked. All mattresses were arranged neatly and students have thrown bags on them to ensure their places.

A group of people in the corner of the room near the switch board to plug in their mobile chargers( the room had only one switch board with two plug points), and ropes ran across the room like spider web. The racks were overloaded with luggages like men hanging in the peak hour  buses. My friend  got me a place, under the fan!..hmmm nice place.

Seeing all this i walked out of the dorm into the auditorium, with only one thing in my mind

” The ride starts here!!…..”

   To be continued…

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