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Being Diplomatic is not a crime

I got a lot of criticism during my college for being diplomatic and manipulative with people. But i don’t consider those both as separate terms. According to the dictionary, diplomatic is having or showing an ability to deal with people in a sensitive and effective way. A lot of people hated me for being diplomatic. They thought i am doing something terrible by showing diplomacy during the time of a crisis. But that is not true.

Being diplomatic is a good thing. When a delicate situation comes wherein two people are fighting and you are a mutual friend of both. Under such cases consoling them without any bias would help solve the problem more easily than shifting sides and hurting the other person who might actually have nothing to do with the issue.


Sometimes you will be in a situation to solve a problem which involves an incident and you don’t know who is right. If you choose the wrong side then the problem will land on you and also you will be responsible for screwing someone else’s life. Under such case its good to stay safe which prevents damage on all sides.

We all know that people get emotional and get too attached to us during crisis. Especially when girls do this we feel like a hero and will often set out to save her from trouble. But usually we happen to beat the shit out of the wrong person and get into trouble instead. If you confront her for playing  you , then she will cry out her sorrows to another fool who will come to beat the shit out of you. Only then you will think of the guy whom you beat the previous day. Shit happens!

Sometimes you step up to fight for your friend and he will run away. If the other side is strong, then there is no guarantee that you will return home in one single piece. So its always good to be diplomatic.When people face crisis all they need in the first place is comfort, not a plan to kill somebody. Try to handle the situation in a light way. Try to be a well wisher to both sides. Make them realize if they need to take extreme measures for this problem. Help them understand whether the problem is that serious. If things still get out of hand , then step out of the scenario. All we can do is put the facts in front of them, if they are blind enough to fight , then its always good to step back.

Showing diplomacy makes you think practically before doing something stupid. If you face a problem with someone, its not right to hate them blindly. Its good to analyse the reason behind the problem . Who knows ? we might be responsible for the problem in an indirect way. under such conditions it is not good to blame others. Talking it out might help.

Diplomacy is an art and a social skill. It involves keen listening, understanding and analyzing of any situation in order to evaluate the seriousness of the issue and the damage occurring on both sides. I didn’t even know that i was being diplomatic unless i was told so . And i accept that i am not an expert. All i can say is i have been in the middle of various rough situations and i have smoothened it by talking to both the sides and making them realize that the issue is not worth fighting for. I think that is called diplomacy. We all have the quality in us. We just need to be careful when to use it.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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