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5 things to watch out for if you are friends with a girl

Its not like the olden days where its a big sin if we speak to a girl or be friends with her. Today the scenario has changed. These days guys and girls co-exist as good friends in the same environment. But a lot of times guys make some mistakes when they are around girls. This might put you guys into deep trouble. Here are a few things to look out for when you are friends with a girl.

1. If you are planning to have a girl as your friend , have only one. If you have more than two or three girls as your friend. Because at some point of time they will fight and your head will be rolling in between

2. During several problematic situations, girls get emotional and get more inclined towards you as you are their friend and you won’t bitch about it to another guy. Don’t take that for granted (mistake it as love) and go to a foreign location for a duet song. You will be disappointed when she comes back to her senses.

3. When two girls fight never interfere. If you do that’s your last day (mentally). Just slip off from the scene. Talk to both of them separately and make them understand whether the issue is worth fighting for.

4. While texting a girl if you get a message that says “hmm..” , then send her a good night message and close the conversation if you send another message to prolong the conversation, you will be getting a good night message from her.

5.  Majority of girls love talking than listening. So don’t feel for she not listening to you. It’s the evolution. Girls are programmed for talking and guys are programmed for listening. That is the reason two or more girls can never exist in the same room without a fight. They hate listening to each other.

These tips can save you only to a certain extent. If you still face the problem , go to the jungle and survive like the guy from “Into the Wild”

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