Andy’s Paradox – A short story

2013 A.D

Andy Fox and Bennie Barton were walking out of the Auditorium after their high school graduation. They were friends for a long time, not because they like each other, but they are the only two who were usually left behind for being nerdy. Even though they argue a lot, they find it challenging and fun. Moreover they only had each other in school for support.

On the way back home Andy asked Bennie “ It feels great Bennie! What’s your ambition ?”

“I want to be an astronaut.I have always admired the moon. Experts say that we will be have settlements  in the  moon by the end of 21st  century. I want to take part in moon colonization project and settle there in future”

“Great Bennie!”

“What’s your ambition ?”

“I want to travel through time and go to the future”

“That’s impossible…!” Bennie said with a chuckle.

“As if settling in moon is…”

“C’mon Andy! space technology is possible..we’ve already set foot on the moon.But time travel isn’t…its a hypothetical concept. Nobody even came close to even explaining a viable method”

“It’s not..Time travel is possible..And I am going to prove it”

“Is it ?..You wanna take this as a challenge ?”

“Yes let’s take this a challenge…someday i am going to prove that i am right and you are wrong”

“The day is not far Bennie…The day is not far”

“We’ll see Andy…we’ll see”

They walk in different directions with an goal of proving each other wrong. They both got college admissions at different states. So they both went ahead chasing their ambitions.


2021 A.D

Andy and Bennie ran into each other in a supermarket. They were surprised to see one another and at the same time eager to know what the other one is up to. There was a moment of silence before Andy broke the Ice by talking

“Hey Bennie! Glad to see you man..what you been up to ?”

“Great to see you Andy! I  got selected for a six month astronaut training program at Houston. I will be going on a space mission by the end of the year”

“Woah! That’s great Bennie. I am happy for you. Its like you’re getting close to your ambition”

“Thanks Andy. What about you ?”

“I am graduating from Princeton this year. Astrophysics”

“Cool man! Looks like we’re both getting close to our ambitions” Bennie said with a broad smile.

“Right…Now I am just a few steps from proving you wrong. I am at the verge of solving the time travel equation. As soon as I am done, I am going to fly into the future and look for information on the moon colonization and I am going to come back and show you the proof saying that it didn’t happen”

“Andy! We both know that time travel is a hypothesis. But space technology has developed so much. The day is not far Andy. I am going to settle on the moon. May be you can find out about me when you are going into the future”

“space technology didn’t even exist in the beginning of the 20th century. The same way time travel might seem hypothetical to you now. But it will become a reality. I can go to the future and change anything I want”

“May be you can. Hypothetically”

“Oh! Stop it.I gotta go now Bennie..But I am gonna win for sure”

“Best of Luck with that Andy” said Bennie.

Andy walked out of the supermarket with anger and disappointment.

Andy came home and was acting furious for a long time. He can’t bare the fact of seeing people who disagree with the concept of time travel. He looked at the notes that he had collected all these years. He sat there staring at the equations that he’d been working on. After six hours there was a broad smile on his face.

“I will prove that bastard wrong” he said to himself with absolute confidence.

Then a bright idea struck his mind. He promised himself that if he travels to the future and  finds any information about the moon colonization project, he would put it in a small wooden box which was lying in the corner of the living room. He made a promise to himself and went to bed.

The next morning he walked up to the living room to take a cup of coffee. He saw the wooden box and remembered the promise he made yesterday. He went near to the box and stood there for a while.

His inner voice was telling him

“If there is no information then, you have two scenarios. One is that you’ve been to the future and doesn’t find any information on Bennie. Number two. You’ve never been to the future and that is why you couldn’t get any information. ”

“Lets think positive here” Andy said to himself.

“My equation is going to be a success. The methodology I devised for time travel is flawless. If there’s no information then it means that I’ve been to the future and I couldn’t find any information on the moon colonization project”

He went ahead and opened the box. He was jumping around the room in happiness. There was no information or evidence inside the box. Andy was on cloud nine. He was happy for two reasons. First he knew that he was probabilistically certain that he went to the future and second he disproved his friends challenge.

He thought that he should go over to Bennie’s and tell him in the face.

He dressed quickly and ran out of his house to see Bennie.

2046 A.D

Moon Settlement Beta-A243

Bennie was sitting inside a bar and having drinks with his buddies.

“I never thought I will be drinking beer in the moon”

“Nobody did…Bennie”

“I did…I was very confident.But my friend Andy always disapproved the fact. He was damn sure that I am not going to make it to the moon”

“Who’s Andy ?” asked the bartender who was listening to the conversation along with the other old men.

“An old friend from high school. An intellect, a visionary, a scientist. He wanted to invent time travel and I wanted to become an astronaut and become a part of the moon colonization project. We always argue about it for hours and hours. We even had a challenge”

“Wow! sounds great Bennie! what was the challenge”

“To achieve our goals and disprove that the other one was wrong”

“So you are here . Does that mean you disproved him ?” asked the bartender.

“I wish I had. But I never got the chance. Poor Andy, was hit by a truck when he was coming to see me. He was just twenty five back then”

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