How I learnt the real meaning of writing and Life

I know the fact that one cannot simply become a writer by watching YouTube tutorials on writing. One must write his ass off to become one. A year back, I used to be lazy to read books (even now I am). Even the thought of reading books would tire me. So what I used to do is, look for tips on Google like “10 easy steps by which you can publish a book” and stuff like that. But soon I realized, I am reading something about the way of creating something and I did not take any step to think of the content.

Recently I saw a wonderful video titled “write or die” by Scott Berkun. The one hour video gave me a great insight on writing. Scott says that most of the time bloggers think about themes, templates, tags, SEO and all sorts of things. But what they forget to think is the content. By the end of the day, the template is not going to make you into a writer. But your words will.

I read a quote on the internet by a famous writer. I tried to find who he is. But I couldn’t find his name. He says that “writing is all about sitting in front of the computer and bleed”. Famous fiction writer Ray Bradbury used to have a sticker on top of his typewriter which says “Don’t think”.  During your initial days of writing, you don’t have to think. You just have to write.

I started doing this a year back. I started reading a lot of books. Especially short stories, which are easy to read and hard to write. I seriously want to get into writing and something says I will. Some of my close friends ask me that “why aren’t you taking any pictures now a days”. You were doing great. Writing is the reason I took up photography. I was immature and blind. I always failed to see the world around me and photography helped me to see that. The quote which says “A camera is an instrument that lets you see the world without a camera” is completely true in my case.

I am not saying that I won’t do photography anymore. I love taking photos. It helps me to focus my mind and concentrate. It helps me to interact with people and hear them. I would love to be the person who stands in front of a stranger and listens to worries about something. End of the day he will be the happiest person to know that someone is there to hear him out. I am currently involves in too many things that kills me from inside. It’s a struggle with my inner self. I know most of it wouldn’t understand what I mean. They aren’t going to consider this.

If you are asking me “where are you going with this?” My answer is “I don’t know”. I was riding my bike this morning and I felt a cloud of mixed emotions reigning over my heart. It made it heavy from inside. It brought all the humiliation and insults I ever faced to my notice. My mind was slowly trying to kill me. Sometimes it does. And I often escape. Because, writing is the only way of doing it.


Just finished reading some really great lines from the book “Zen in the Art of Living” by Ray Bradbury. There was a line that says “We never sit anything out. We are cups, quietly and constantly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

I might do photography or I might do writing or become a football referee. I don’t know what’s going to be my destiny. In fact nobody does. But I think that’s where all the fun is. Riding a car on a freeway with lights out. I just want to enjoy that ride. Like the words of shailendra singh from his book f@?k knows which “Everybody’s destiny is death. But the journey is what makes all the difference”. All I ever want is to enjoy the journey.

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  1. you know what all this have been in all people’s mind i suppose . Everyone must have read the quote about “enjoying the journey” . BUt do we really enjoy , doesn’t the fear of future lessens that joy and happiness are not you afraid of the future what will happen if ? Or it is like that you have saved a lot of money and have taken insurance that you are able to face all type of situations . When we are student , we think what we will become in our future , and then those plans keep on changing , and then finally one good day we take admission in an engineering college , we never try or get our true love or passion or very rare people get that. recently I was in a mall waiting for a friend , then a small girl sat near me , i started talking to her , she said she studies in this class but she don’t like to study i said i also dont like reading books , she said but first i wanted to become a teacher , but my mom wants me to become an IAS officer so i thought i will become an IAS officer as IAS officer is above teacher and police as well. i said But you will have to study hard for that ,” she said yes padna to padega per pad loongi 🙁 ” . So this is happening in every other people life , I am happy if you are enjoying your journey of Life . Wishing you all the best 🙂

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