How to Manage yourself if you are a creatively enthusiastic person

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm” –  Earl Nightingale

The word “creative enthusiasm” might sound new to you. If people who are googling about it, I bet you will find minimal results which are completely irrelevant to what we are talking here. Let us straight away get into what is creative enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is something that drives us to do a lot of things. It is an underlying power of motivation that resides in our conscious and subconscious mind and drives us to achieve whatever we desire.

In a way, enthusiasm is a double edged sword, if you’re goals are meaningful then your enthusiasm could give you a huge success and if your goals are foolish , then the same enthusiasm could give you embarrassment. Creative enthusiasm also works the same way. When your motivation factor always drives you to do something creative, then you can call yourself  a creatively enthusiastic person.

Now let me tell you why in the world i wanted to write about creative enthusiasm. The answer is I am a victim of creative enthusiasm. My mind always tempts me to do different creative things. I like to draw cartoons, write stories, take photos, write movie scripts, do logo design, content writing etc. My mind is like a bird which sits on a different branches of tree each day. I can’t do a single thing for a long time. I get bored. I don’t know why. But I always wanted to try something else. I always wanted to push my creative boundaries and see how creative is my brain and how efficient does it function when i give it a new task.


History had seen a lot of people who very victims of creative enthusiasm. Leonardo Da Vinci is one among them (I am not comparing myself with Mr.Da Vinci..I promise). But as we all know that he’s done a lot of things in the field of Art, science and literature. when you think about it, you might think that he’s not concentrating on a single thing. But the real secret is creatively enthusiastic people can perform more efficiently when they know how to compartmentalize their tasks.

But compartmentalizing and managing the skills is a really hard task. It really takes a lot of time and patience to prioritize your skills and schedule them accordingly. Also you need to train yourself to concentrate on the one single task that you are currently working on so that you don’t think about other creative tasks. I know its really hard. It’s easy to write about something like this. But the state is hard to achieve. I’ve been trying for quite some time and still couldn’t get anywhere.

Creative enthusiasm is a dangerous thing if not contained in a proper way. If you can’t control it, the only way to overcome it is to quit your other skills with a heavy heart and concentrate on one thing. I am not a certified expert in creative enthusiasm of something. I am just giving out my thoughts on the topic. You can throw in your views on the comment section so that I can come to know more on how to manage multiple skill sets and be successful.

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  1. you are right about the difficulty in handling multiple skills and passions without getting into a state where you end up following a passion for a few days and then drop it for something else..

    once this list starts extending, you feel the real pain of getting urself organized. And ‘organized’ and ‘creative’ are like the like poles of a magnet, and quite difficult to maintain em in place.

    well written and thought provoking..

  2. True and well written. I am a creatively enthusiastic person and facing several problems. Is there any self development method available for it? If there is one please share… thank you.

    1. Thanks Raja. Good to know that you are a creatively enthusiastic person. I am looking at various references and books to see how this can be handled. Will post it on my blog ASAP. Follow the posts until then. Thanks

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