Honest Resume of a Bio-engineering student


To find a position in a company that hires me even after knowing that I am a Bioengineering student. The company which  completely knows that I know nothing about programming and still manages to hire me trusting in my ability.

QUALIFICATION (What exactly did I study ?)


Nobody cares about those marks anymore. So let’s leave it there.

B. Tech in Biotechnology with a percentage of 82.5%

I got form for B. Sc, but my parents told me that I will have a bright future when I do B. Tech. Nothing happened. They gave me false hope that M. Tech will guarantee a job. So I wrote all possible entrance tests, failed in most of them and managed to pass in only one. There should be some kind of mistake. And I call it “fate”

M. Tech in Bioinformatics with a CGPA of 8.8/10

But the “industry” is not satisfied. It wants me to have at least two years of experience. But the “industry” doesn’t give me a job. So I don’t have a job and at the same time I should have experience. The industry wants me to do a PhD. But I am thinking “enough of studies”. But the industry doesn’t seem to care.

In Biotech industry, when you get a job you will be 30 and when you come out you will be 40 or 45. So you are studying 14 years for a job that offers you a career for 15-20 years. That doesn’t work for me. I realized it at 24 and I want to come out of it. So all I need is a chance.

What am I good at ?

I am good at being patient. It’s become my key skills.

Tolerance. Many people have told me that I have made a wrong choice. I’ve passed M.Tech even after hearing all this.

Ability to face obstacles. I have faced three revised syllabus changes in school and college, two recessions and a bunch of entrance examination.

Getting up after being hit. I got every single time and I still have the guts to get up. I want to be successful and something in me says that I will. (I am not showing attitude. I promise).

My skills

I have good people skills.

I can learn anything within a month or two (This doesn’t apply to computer programming)

I can work efficiently as an individual and also be part of a team.

I can talk on any topic in front of a huge crowd without any fear.

I am good at photography and creative writing.

I am good at photoshop.

I am good at using internet and data mining. All the tools which could help one become more productive.

But all this doesn’t count because I have a Bio engineering degree.

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. And I finally did it. I didn’t care about people who’re going to scold me for writing this. For those who are going to ask the following questions here is the answer.

Q: why don’t you try going abroad?

A: I don’t want to. If I wanted to do it, I would have done it two years before.

Q: Why don’t you try pharma companies?

A: I applied for all the pharma companies. Not even a single acknowledgement mail.

Q: Why don’t you try for lecturer post ?

A: Believe me folks. I applied for all the colleges which have bioengineering courses. Not even a single reply.

NOTE: I am just trying to reflect my personal feeling on what is the current scenario. It might reflect the mindset of millions of Bioengineers in the country. It might offend some people too. whatever!

– A honest bioengineer.

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