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Truth about People who are funny

In the modern age, being funny is considered as a crime.People who are funny often face many of these situations mentioned below. Some people who are reading this might relate it to them, or some might say “How can you say something like that?”. Well, I am one among the “funny guys” like you people call it these days. I have been there and faced a lot of situations mentioned below (except for point 6). I am mentioning this because I will be asked questions on that point alone (I knew it!).

  1. If a person is funny, it doesn’t mean he is not serious
  2. If a person makes others smile, it doesn’t mean his life is problem free.
  3. If a person is funny, he will be liked by the girls but won’t be considered as a viable candidate for being in a relationship. When comes to relationship most of the girls look for a manly guy (the guy who doesn’t smile at all) rather than one who always crack jokes and make others laugh.
  4. If a person is funny, it doesn’t mean he isn’t smart. He is, more than all you morons.
  5. Most people in a friends circle won’t share sensitive news to a person who is funny. Even if he’s their best friend. They ignore because they think he/she won’t take it seriously. Funny people don’t laugh at funerals and other serious situations. They know serious shit too. You just failed to see it.
  6. Girls used say “It would be great to have a boyfriend like you”. But they won’t say “It would be great to have you as boyfriend”. Sometimes the girl would bring the guy to us and say “He’s also like you, very humorous guy”. Right next to her, he will stand like Arnold from terminator. (Epic!).Something is seriously wrong with the universe.
  7. When some poor schmuck doesn’t get your joke he or she would say “You crack poor joke” and he or she will start laughing. At such times, I will get a doubt on who is actually cracking a poor joke.
  8. People who crack jokes all the time will often face questions like “Are you always like this?” “How do your parents handle you?” They tape our mouths and kick us into the basement as soon as we enter the house.
  9. A humorous guy’s opinion is always underestimated. It’s because most of the time, they are considered as fools.
  10. Girls also have a great sense of humor. I know some girls with superb humor sense than guys. Those girls are usually called as “Loose” or “crack” (as if you got noble prize for medicine last year).

You can pour in your opinions in the comment section. See you soon

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. Hilarious, thoughtful, eye opener. It makes me smile no laugh thinking about what really happened in my lyf. Thanks chum.

    • rkarthikpasupathy rkarthikpasupathy

      thanks nitin 🙂

  2. True very true , i guess i agree with all the points except point 6 🙂 , i have also faced such situations , i generally crack jokes and try to make people laugh , but then my story could be termed as “Tum itn jo muskura rahi ho kya gam hai jisko chupa rahi ho “…. this does not mean i m in a very sad state but i have problems in my life , I have seen so many friends of mine who are smiling all the time but they are deep into family or other problems , now for point 6 , being a girl i tell you , girls love to be in company of people who have a good sense of humour and then would fall for the guy who can make others smile when he is in problem , that needs courage , also i have read somewhere “I love those people who can make me laugh when i don’t even want to smile “

    • rkarthikpasupathy rkarthikpasupathy

      Really! The girls I’ve seen and heard from others so far made me to right point six ;). But thanks for the note. I appreciate it 🙂

  3. constantly i used to read smaller articles that as well clear
    their motive, and that is also happening with this piece of writing which I am reading now.

  4. AB AB

    A sense of humor is the sexiest thing about a guy. Its the only reason I fell for my husband. He has a totally weird sense of humor… and unlike looks, it lasts forever!

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