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Making choices is like breaking a cookie

Life is all about making choices. Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes bad choices. Every choice we make has a definite impact on our lives. It’s like breaking a cookie into two halves. Sometimes you get two exact halves; sometimes you get multiple pieces in your hand. That’s not the right example to give. But I can’t think of anything else now. May be my brain became idle as I took some time off my blog.


Some of you might ask me, how do I make the right choice? My answer would be evaluating the pros and cons of any scenario and decide your choice accordingly. Making the right choice doesn’t guarantee you success, making a choice is like taking an umbrella on a cloudy day. It might rain or it might not. So things might turn your way, or the other way. Under such cases, you can’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. It’s definitely not your fault.

But you should try your level best to prove that your choice is right. You shouldn’t do it for other’s sake. You should do it for your sake. And also you should grow a mentality of taking success and failure equally. That will give you strength to move on, get up and fight back.

When you ask me why I am writing this now, I would say that this is the greatest lesson I have learnt last year. I have made a few choices which I thought would work out and it didn’t work the way it was meant to be. It has pushed me into deep darkness and at the same time gave me a lot of strength and courage to come up and look for another opportunity.

NOTE: For those who ask me what is the difference between choice and decision, I would say choice is choosing something which you like and decision to be stubborn in pursuing that choice. I may be wrong. If so, kindly ignore this note.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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