Life is a constantly changing system

I took a break from writing not because I don’t want to. It was because I didn’t have enough time to write. I was so worried about my problems and trying my level best to figure it out. And when I am doing that I don’t want to talk shit about people I don’t like. I don’t like them. But I shouldn’t make that as a topic and make others know that they are bad. Then there won’t be a difference. So I thought I should write about the society. But what difference is it going to make? I can’t turn the world upside down in a day or week or in one blog post. So I just shut myself up and took some time thinking on what to write.

I still got nothing. The past events (including the one that happened yesterday) made me realise that I was living in a dream world, like in the movie “The matrix”. All the while I was thinking that everybody is the same. Your friends will be the same after college or the corporate world will be the same in evaluating your degree when you appear for a job.

But I was wrong.

Everything changes. Everything changes so quickly. Everybody gets different priorities in their lives and they move on. Life is not a system that is static.  Life is a highly dynamic complex system which is unpredictable at any cost. It involves so many variables like time, people surrounding you, your friends, neighbours, workplace etc. A change in any variable will affect your life in some way. The effect can be positive or negative. Its complex. Many people don’t see it. They are trying to be safe. There’s nothing wrong with that. But some do see it. It may sound foolish. But that is what I see. I see a huge number of variables swarming around everybody’s life to make a change. Even the guy from a teleshopee video could create an impact on your life. True right ?


Our life is a big equation. Did you ever thought that why saints and sages go to forest and immerse themselves in meditation. They were working on realising their own selves. Which means that they try to solve the equation only with two variable. Themselves and god. And that made all the difference. It gave them the power to unplug from the materialistic world and think beyond.

I am not telling you to be selfish. That is not the what I meant. I am telling to analyze your life. Evaluate your commitments. See what is necessary and what isn’t. That will give you the clear idea of what to do and how to do it.

The past few months gave me a great experience on how to prioritize my life. I was woken up from the matrix and brought down to Zion. Now I see the reality. Reality sucks. But it’s thrilling to see where it takes me. Looking forward.

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