The first step – The hardest thing ever

Whenever you are attempting to do something, the first step is always the toughest. The fact that many people couldn’t do it is because they aren’t ready to take the first step. I wanted to write stories. When I had the idea in the year 2007, I barely knew anything about writing. By the time, I wasn’t good at English and the only novel I read by then was The Da Vinci code. But something inside me kept saying that I can do this. I started up so many blogs without knowing that I can write them as blog posts in the same blog. I was an illiterate.

But, my urge to write doesn’t fade away. I took small steps rather than taking big ones. I developed a keen interest towards Hollywood movies and sitcoms to develop my English skills. I started watching movies and documentaries without subtitles. I presented various situations to myself and tried to write dialogs in English. All this slowly added up and gave me enough confidence to write short stories. I started a blog in my own name and started writing small articles and short stories. I cultivated the habit of reading my own articles after a month or two which gave a whole new perspective in understanding my style of writing and also helped me point out my own mistakes.

In 2011, I took photography which opened up the whole world in front of me. It gave me a chance to break my boundaries and move forward. My camera taught me how to look at things without a camera. I met a lot of people, shared a lot of stories and started paying attention to even the minute details, which is very essential for a writer.


During this time, I have also made some mistakes. I started writing a couple of stories and started posting about them before I could complete. Finally when I scrapped those stories off my computer, I can’t face the people who asked what happened to those stories. I sometimes don’t like what I write. During those times, I just scrap them off. As they say, every mistake gives you a new experience. I’ve got so many so far.

After taking so much time to prepare myself, I finally penned down my first full length short story “An evening in Nehru Street” last year. It was well received in my close circle of friends. The result, this month the story got published in Chennai based Photography and Lifestyle magazine “Mesmeric”. The magazine is new and the editor showed great interest in taking my work to the print. I was extremely happy when I saw my story in print. It was the first big step. It was one of the best moments in my life.

I didn’t say I have done a great thing. I can say that I have kept my first step towards doing a great thing. Till now, I concentrate only on the narration and not much on my English. I don’t try to insert complex words into my stories. I keep them simple.My ambition is to publish a collection of short stories and to write sci-fi novels. My journey has just began and I am looking forward for a lot of wonderful adventures like this.

For all those who hesitate to take their first step, let me tell you something. It feels great. It takes a lot to break out of your comfort zone and do something you always wanted. But the result is completely worth it. Once you’ve done it, you won’t have second thoughts on going back. You will only go forward.

I wish everyone of you in taking your first step.

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