10 things you will witness if you are biker in India

1. When you are at a signal waiting for it to go green, you can also see a bunch of nervous folks waiting by the side of the road to cross it. The red signal is actually on for them to cross the road. But they don’t do it. A few do, but a majority of them will wait. The moment the signal turns green, they will start crossing the road. I think all those people think that the green signal is for them. I don’t know how many people have experienced this. But I’ve experienced a lot of this.


2. When you are driving in fourth gear, racing through an empty road you could always see a cool guy crossing the road, pausing after every few steps and signaling the incoming bikes to move forward. He will keep both his hand below his hips and give a hand gesture, telling you to ride forward. I don’t know where they learn such stuff.

3. When you are in a hurry, an old man will drive a car or scooter in front of you. If you try to overtake him by moving right, he will also move right. If you try to move left, he will also move left. You don’t have to worry about speed breakers when you travel behind them.

4. Most of the times, when a signal goes green, you  could see one guy among you will have some problem with his bike and he will stop the moving vehicles to push his bike to the side of the road.

5. A truck or a bus giving out a left or right indicator and going straight happens all the time. Sometimes this occurs vice versa

6. Traffic police will never stop you if you have all the documents. I wonder how they know when you leave some document at home. In all these years, only once I forgot to take my helmet and I paid fine that day.

7. If you are waiting at a traffic signal for a long time, you could hear three different songs playing from three different vehicles standing around. When the light goes green, you will always thank god for preventing you from going mad.

8. No matter how big is a family, we always think that we can fit them in a bike. So you can always see a husband, wife, three children and their two cousins, all sitting on a 100 cc bike.


9. Indian biker’s always like to honor those who bought them the bike. The rear mudguard of almost every bike has something like, mom’s gift, dad’s gift, wife’s gift, god’s gift, etc. I once saw a guy riding a bike which had a sticker “dad mom’s gift”. For a moment, I misread it as “dead mom’s gift” and felt really bad for the guy. Then when I read it correctly, I got confused. Is he mentioning that it was his dad+ mom’s gift or his dad’s mom’s gift (grandma or patti). Before I could ask him, he sped off. (Bikes which doesn’t have these type of stickers will have either “catch me if you can” or “defence” or “press”)

10. While driving, you could always see a bunch of guys waving ‘thumps up’ symbol at you. They are in no way wishing you ‘all the best’. They are asking for a lift. The worst thing is they will asking you for a lift standing next to a bus station.


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