Got a bad selfie? The problem doesn’t always have to be your camera!

Today my day was good and on the way home, I saw a bike which had stickers: “Love is danger, but my lover is an angel”. I don’t know what he was trying to convey. But the guy on the bike looked dull and sad. So I thought he is trying to convey the second part of the message to his girlfriend and first part to the rest of the world. Coming to the point, we are going to talk about selfie today.

Recently I read an article about boy, living in U.S., who tried to commit suicide as he couldn’t get a good selfie. When students here commit suicide for failing in mathematics, troubled teen in U.S. commit suicide for their incapability in getting a good selfie. In either way, both acts exhibit complete stupidity. But the selfie guy scores way more than students who commit suicide for not getting first rank.


For those who ask ‘What the hell is selfie?’ Selfie is nothing but a self-portrait which a person takes using his smartphone (Usually using the front-facing camera). The word became so popular, which made itself to the oxford dictionary last year. Everybody is going crazy about selfie. I guess people find it so fascinating to take pictures of their own. Everybody from the American president to some troubled teen in some other part of the world is obsessed with selfie.


I tried taking a selfie of myself using my phone’s front camera and found that it was dull and hazy. I tried wiping the dust of my camera, but still it was the same. That is when I remembered the quote of former American president Abraham Lincoln. He said “There are no bad photographs. It is how your face looks sometimes”. We could rename his quote as “Law of selfie” or the “Lincoln law” (I am not sure if there is already something in that name). So for those of you, who couldn’t get a good selfie, don’t blame your camera. Your camera is fine. The truth is otherwise. Deal with it. I took one selfie and the truth dawned on me.

People take selfies everywhere. They take it during big game nights, birthday parties, office parties, weddings, funerals (Yes! See Wikipedia if you don’t believe me). I guess in future terrorists will take selfie with hostages to send proof of a hostage situation. The rescue team can do the same! Taking selfie amidst of gunfire will act as a huge chick magnet. Let’s see where the future takes us.

That’s it for today guys. See you later with another interesting post.

Take care.

5 Replies to “Got a bad selfie? The problem doesn’t always have to be your camera!”

  1. Hey …
    Didnt get this one . what exactly you are trying to say ?? If I dont get a good selfie I am not good looking but then how can i look good in mirror or when photographs taken by someone else … Though i too dont get a good selfie and have read the lincoln quote quote sometime back and was very much convince about it. . You being a good photographer , you tell me , does not the angle of the camera or location etc matters to get a good photograph… Also the first lines you mentioned just like that or was there some thing you trying to convey through that which i havent got ? .

    1. Thanks. The first part of the post was written just like that. It has no relevance to the post. The whole meaning of the post is to describe how people are obsessed with taking selfie. What i meant was that the reason behind a bad selfie always shouldn’t be a camera 😛 and I was talking about me the whole time. Without knowing the fact some people are trying to take up to 200 selfies a day. But still they are not satisfied. It was targeted to those folks. Hope that answers everything 🙂

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