Ear pain ah? Apply Amrutanjan – A true story

Last Friday, I was with my dad purchasing some medicines for him. We were at the pharmacist’s waiting for our turn to buy medicines and there was a middle aged man standing before  us. He was having a prescription in his hand and was waiting for his turn to buy his medicines. When the old guy near the counter left with a big pack of baby diaper for his grandson, the man who stood in front of us moved to the counter. When he gave the prescription to the pharmacist, the pharmacist looked at the prescription for a while and asked

“You have been prescribed so many sleeping pills. May I know why?”

The middle aged man replied “I have stomach pain”

“Why do you need sleeping pills for that?” asked the pharmacist with a state of bewilderment.

“I don’t know. I went to the doctor. I said I have stomach pain and he prescribed these tablets for me” said the middle aged man.

Everybody in the pharmacy was shocked. How could a physician prescribe sleeping pills for stomach pain. was he thinking that putting the patient to sleep will make him forget his pain? I don’t think so. The doctor was surely not listening to his patient, or he was not a real doctor. After cursing the doctor for his misdiagnosis, the pharmacist gave the man some medicines for stomach pain.


This incident made me remember an incident which happened during my school days. I would like to share it here.

I was in seventh standard. My school will always have a list of doctors from nearby areas and mention them as medical advisers for the school. If some kid gets ill or trips and falls or worst cases breaks a leg (I did not mean dancing here) the medical advisers would come to rescue.

But that is not how it usually worked. There will be some teachers with a bag of medicines. They don’t know anything about medicine. They don’t know shit. But when you mention that you are sick, you will be sent to them. They will have three medicines which they will give for all sorts of illness. They will have paracetamol, which will be given to you no matter what. You can say whatever you want, but all you get is a paracetamol. Another thing they have in large stocks is the tincture, the purple colored solution which is used while dressing up wounds. When a boy walks into the class with a patch of purple solution on his knees, it means that he has fallen down somewhere and the leftover stock of tincture is used on him. The other thing they use is a pain balm; like vicks, zandu balm or amrutanjan. I fell a victim to the third category of medicine.

One day I was having a terrible pain in my ear. Initially i thought it was due to the mathematics class. But it continued its way through all the periods. So I confirmed that it was some kind of infection. I reported it to my teacher. She said “Go to medical adviser”.

I got out of the class and walked down the stairs. On my way, I bumped into my physical education teacher. He asked me “Why are you not in the class?”

I said “My ear is paining saaar”

“Wash it with water, you will be all right” he said and walked into the sports room.

After being ennlightened by the magical powers of water, I walked towards the opposite block to meet the medical adviser anyway.

I knocked the door of the medical adviser’s room and I heard a voice of a lady asking me to come in. She was in her late forties sitting inside a dim lit room. The place doesn’t look like a medical center, rather looked like someone is practicing witchcraft for years now.

She asked me “What is the problem?”

I said “ear pain miss” (Indian students have the habit of calling their female teacher as miss even if she’s married!)

“come here” she said in a commanding tone.

I went near her hoping to get some tablet for the pain. She opened a weary old leather bag and took a bottle of amrutanjan — a famous ayurvedic pain balm from India, and took a handful of it from the bottle. Then she applied it on to my ears!

I was shocked. I have never ever heard of such remedy. I could’ve felt better even if she had given me some irrelevant paracetamol tablet. Applying pain balm was a little too much.

And the particular balm is known for its burning sensation. So one of my ears was on fire till the evening. For a moment I thought ear pain was so many times better than this shit.

If you are expecting me to write a conclusion, then I am sorry for not writing one. It’s not that I don’t want to but the fact is that i don’t know how to. I guess that makes sense.

see you all with another post soon. Until then Take care folks.

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  1. hey man what she gave was the right one …..because it was a counter irritant to reduce your pain(he he he) logically,critically,intensively….but not sensitively.

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