I almost forgot my wordpress password and this is what I wrote to break my silence!

Today, I was sitting in my office and I realized that I almost forgot my wordpress password. It’s been that long since I updated my blog. So I pushed myself to write something.

One thing I want to talk about was petrol theft from bikes. I was a victim this Tuesday. Only after the theft I realised how easy it is to steal petrol from a bike. I was about to start to office on Tuesday and I found the petrol tap leaking as the fuel line was dangling in the air. Yes. My bike bled considerable amount of fuel. But I appreciate the robber as he left enough fuel for me to reach the nearest fuel pump and fill petrol and reach office on time. How nice of him? But I was still pissed off in spite of his good gesture.

I thought many ways to prevent it. One of them was hanging a board near the bike that says “Already robbed”. The thief will think that someone else had already took the petrol so chances of him looking for another bike is high. But I skipped the idea as it sounded highly fictional and comic.


Yesterday I was driving my bike near thirumangalam signal and I saw a crow flying across the road. The crow was carrying something in his claws. It looked like a ball. It was rigid and round in shape. It should have been made of clay or it could have been some food item. I didn’t pay much attention. But the object looked very heavy.

The crow was carrying it using its claws and it couldn’t bare the weight of the object it was carrying. It started flying low. Its altitude kept falling and finally it dropped the object on my right hand. It was perfect timing. I crossed the crow’s flight path and the heavy object fell on my right elbow. The pain was unbearable. The object hit the ground after hitting me and it broke into several pieces. It was some food item. I was wondering who would make such a heavy food item! If it meets someone’s head, he’s dead for sure. I was wondering how the crow managed to carry it. But it didn’t carry it too far. I received the impact.


Today I was driving and I was thought I should fill up petrol. I went to the petrol bunk and filled petrol. When I was about to pay, I realized that I forgot my wallet at home. I went to the manager of the petrol bunk and said

“Sir, I forgot my wallet. I will leave the bike here. I will get the money and take the bike”

The guy looked shocked.

He said “Sir! How will you go home if you leave your bike here? Switch off and leave your mobile here. Get it after paying the money”

For a moment I felt stupid. I was already feeling bad for leaving the wallet and leaving the bike in the fuel station idea almost killed me from inside.

I went home and got back with the money.


So altogether the start of each day of this week was bad. But I remember a saying “Shit happens” and it happening quite constantly this week.


All along I have been telling about a few bad experiences. Let me share something good.

Today morning I was crossing Ampa skywalk and I saw two guys randomly stopping vehicles that are passing by. I thought that the cops were checking vehicles to verify documents. But, they looked too rugged to be traffic police. When I went further I saw a crow in the middle of the road with broken wings. For a moment I thought if it was the crow that dropped the food ball on me. I thought the incident could have happened when the same crow tried to steal another ball of the same food item. But it was a different crow. It’s wings were broken and it had a tough time crossing the road. So the two guys stopped the passing vehicles to prevent the crow from getting hit. Finally they got the crow and took it away from the traffic. It was nice to see such things. Acts of humanity. May be I might have seen the happy part of it. The alternate reality could have made the crow a good side dish for the guys who caught them. Yeah, I know. That’s disgusting. Let’s stick to the happy ending part. We all prefer that.

So, what else? I don’t know. Events are awaiting to unfold this weekend and I am not sure what’s in the box for me. If something interesting happens, I will share it with you guys. Until then, take care and have fun.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. 

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