How to connect your 3G USB dongle and wireless router to make a home wireless network

For the past few weeks I was facing a tech problem. I got a USB 3G dongle and I plugged into my desktop. The speed was good and everything was fine. But I had two other devices; my laptop and my phone that might need Wi-Fi every now and then.

With the dongle plugged into the desktop, the only way to connect other devices to the internet was to unplug the dongle device from my desktop and plug it into my laptop. I thought of going for the Wi-Fi version of the dongle, but it costs thousand bucks more than the normal one. So I had no other choice but to buy a normal dongle. So I was in need of a method to make all the devices go online.

This is what I did:

Before the 3G connection, I had a wire line broadband connection. I ditched my wire line internet connection as I had some connectivity issues. During the time when I had my wire line internet connection (broadband), I had a wired modem and a wireless router. The modem was taken aback by the internet company but I had my router with me.

I took the Wi-Fi router and connected it to the Ethernet port of my desktop computer. I made sure that one end of the LAN cable is plugged into the Ethernet port of the desktop and the other end plugged into the LAN port of my wireless router (one of the four other slots apart from where the modem wire goes in).

Now I went to the network icon on the bottom right corner of my windows start bar and clicked on it. When you click the icon, you can see the name of your USB dongle displayed under Dial-up and VPN.

Right click on your dongle’s name and select Properties.


In the new dialog box that appears, I clicked on the Sharing Tab and checked the option that said “Allow other network users to connect through this internet connection”


After doing this I opened my web browser and went to my router’s login page. You can usually log into your router page using or by punching in the default gateway*

After logging into my router page, I converted my router into an access point. I did it by selecting the option use as access point.

Now the router will act as a transmitter that sends out wireless signals. By doing this your Wi-Fi network name and password (as before) won’t change.

After doing this, Connect your laptop and smart devices over Wi-Fi and make them go online.

What’s the catch here? Your desktop must be switched on when you are accessing internet through Wi-Fi.

This is not a permanent solution. But you can use it for the time being.

I thought sharing this might be helpful. Thanks. 

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  1. Dear Karthik,

    I tried doing the same way as I had the same issue. My laptop is recognising the wifi router but its not getting connected. It is showing limited connectivity. I have Linkss router. Can you plz. help? I shall be grateful if you could give me ur cell no. . If possible.


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