My 3 best biriyani’s

The very purpose of a non-vegetarian is achieved when he eats a good biryani – Karthik Pasupathy

 I love biryani. Whenever I make travel plans, one of the things in my checklist would be to eat biryani. If someone asks me to rate the best biryani I had so far, the first thing that would come to my mind is Dindigul Velu biriyani.

Most people think that Dindigul Thalapakatti is the real taste of Dindigul biryani, but Venu Biryani will prove them wrong. The spicy, brown-colored zeera samba biryani with minced mutton pieces is one of the fine examples of true south Indian cuisine.

My second best was Amsavalli bhavan, Madurai. A couple of months back, I went on a trip to Madurai with a secret intention to taste all the wonderful food that puts Madurai on the limelight. There are a lot of reasons for Madurai to be famous. But, for me, food tops them all. Amsavalli bhavan serves the best biryani in Madurai. The quantity was less, but it was a heavenly experience. It is the only place where you can get a mutton biryani cheaper than a chicken biryani.

But, the sad thing was I couldn’t find any restaurant in Chennai that serves awesome Dindigul/Madurai-style biryani. Restaurants like Buhari, Ammi’s biryani and Salem R.R. Biryani serves good biryani, but the aroma and taste of traditional South Tamilnadu cuisine was missing. When I was talking to my friends about this, one of them told me about Junior Kuppanna. I checked the restaurant in zomato and the reviews were awesome. The same day I had lunch at Junior Kuppanna.

The restaurant has branches at T.nagar, Chrompet, Anna nagar and Ashok nagar. I went to the one in Anna nagar as it was at the least distance from my place. The place was in close proximity to anna nagar roundtana (next to Bata showroom and on the way to 14 shops). One can’t miss the huge sign board saying “Junior Kuppanna”. The restaurant was clean and had a seating capacity of more than fifty people, excluding the family room that could accommodate up to twelve people.

Based on the reviews, I ordered mutton biryani and a plate of boneless chicken sukka. The quantity was less when compared to other restaurants, but the taste was awesome.  The aroma of the zeera samba rice, finely chopped pieces of mutton and the spicy masala made me fall in love with the biryani. A cup of mutton kuzhambu (gravy) and onion raitha accompanies every plate of biryani. The combination was heavenly. The only drawback of the biryani was that the finely chopped mutton pieces aren’t boneless.

One could get a full plate of mutton biryani for a price of Rs.170 and a half plate for Rs.100. But, the quantity will be a bit lesser when compared to what they serve in other restaurants. One could also get empty biryani (kuska) if they feel like eating more rice.

According to me, Junior Kuppanna is one of the best places in Chennai to taste traditional Dindigul/Madurai cuisine. The taste surpasses every biryani I had in Chennai so far. In my opinion, the taste was equal to Dindigul Venu biryani. A must-visit place for biryani lovers.

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