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I can judge you because I have seen imdb’s top 250!

People are judgemental. They have been; they are; and they will be. But, the percentage of them being judgemental has increased in the recent times. The cool quotient of a person is decided upon where he or she is working, what kind of music he or she listens to, or what kind of movies he or she likes. If a person likes something that doesn’t mean the whole world should be of his or her taste. People differ and so is their taste. As individuals one must respect the likes and dislikes of others. In my opinion that will solve our entire problem of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

When two guys talk in a group saying “Shawshank redemption is a great movie”, the others in the group will say “Yeah man! Brilliant!” even if they did not like the movie to that extent. Saying that “it was okay” would be considered a great sin. Many think that if they saw a couple of movies from imdb’s top 250, they are a movie buff. I haven’t watched several movies that are listed among the top 250. I have seen a lot of other movies that are equally good. They couldn’t find their place among the top 250 because there are only 250 positions.


The movies in imdb are rated based on people’s votes. If you did not like a particular movie in spite of its rating, that doesn’t mean you enjoy a good movie. You did not like a particular movie. Hollywood isn’t gonna come knock your door and sue you for saying that it’s bad. So, when your friends or colleagues praise something and if you don’t like it, say that you don’t. If the other guy can induce your opinion by saying a movie’s good, you can do the same to the others by saying that it’s okay. If they take your opinion in a constructive way, then they are a bunch of open minded people. I respect them.

I have a friend who used to talk about movies a lot. He used talk about some good really good movies. I bet they are good. But, I won’t watch most of it because they don’t belong to my taste. I don’t want to watch a movie just for the sake of being his friend. You may like drama and your friend may like sci-fi movies. That doesn’t mean you have a great taste and he doesn’t.

I will watch a movie only if the plot is attractive enough to hook me in front of the screen.

I was once told that “I don’t know music” for telling my friend that a particular song is not that great. That is not the right way to treat others. I don’t want to be that music wizard who forces himself to like metallica. Instead I would like to be that left out person who listens to Simon & Garfunkel, or Maroon 5, or Nickelback.

Respect others taste. You will feel great and you will make others feel great.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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