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My first book “Written with a cursor” is live now!

Writing a book has been my dream for so many years. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to write and where should I focus in order to better myself as a writer. When I was looking into efficient ways to be more creative with writing, I stumbled upon a few short stories written by o Henry, R K Narayan, Haruki Murakami, etc. They were short, crisp, but had packed a lot of emotions packed¬†within a few pages. I loved them. I thought “Why can’t we experiment writing a short story?”, and I did.

“An evening in Nehru Street” was my first short story. It was not a great story, I would say. But, it was good enough for others and myself to know that I can write. I received positive reviews for the story, and it got published in a Chennai based magazine. A great moment. This gave me the confidence to write more. But, I don’t want to stick with the same genre for all my stories. I wanted to try something different. I tried different genres in the book in order to see how far I can write out of my comfort zone. It took me over an year to write these stories, and its time to show it to the world.

book cover

The book “Written with a cursor” is not a professionally edited one. It was reviewed and edited by people who are passionate about reading and writing. They care about writing, and most of all, they care about me. And, that is what had brought this book together. From my side, I worked on everything from writing the book to designing the cover page. It is a great experience to see your creative work shaping up slowly, finding its way into the universe. One of the moments for which I’ve been waiting for a long time.

Are you looking for something fun, and interesting to read? Then this is the book for you. Are you a serious literary freak? You can still read the book and criticize me for my own good. (and for the good of others too!)

The book is a downloadable file, and contains files in .epub and .mobi formats. The .mobi format is for kindle users, and the .epub format is for those who like reading in their mobile or tablet.

The book can be downloaded from amazon kindle store. Click the Buy Now button to get it!


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    Impressive. Keep going.

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