App Review: eKavach – The Digital Parenting App to monitor your kid’s online safety

When my dad got me my first mobile, I was 18. The only worry my parents would’ve had would be that what if I text some girl or flirt with her! or what if a girl does the same with me! Because, all my mobile could do back then was help me text someone or call someone. There was no whatsapp; no MMS; and no facebook. So, the worries they had were minimal.

But, now, kids before the age of 10 has exposure to a lot of electronic gadgets such as the ipad, smartphones, laptop and PCS – the more common being the smartphone. But, parents have failed to realize that a smartphone is a door to the entire internet, similar to that of a computer. They can instantly send receive any form of media, and their social network presence sometimes puts them in unnecessary danger in the form of cyber-bullying, stalking, sexting, exposure to adult content, etc.

Sounds dangerous right? It is. Kids at the very young age should be under the radar of their parents until they reach the age where they will be in a position to segregate between what’s good and what’s not. So, to monitor your child’s online activity, you could use Certus technologies’ new digital parenting app – eKavach.

eKavach lets you manage your kids’ phone and online activity, thereby giving you a heads up on what’s happening with their online lives. Many might think that it is an intrusion of your kids’ privacy. But, its not. Until they reach a certain age, it is parents’ duty to be more protective of them.


Coming to eKavach, the app has two versions: the parent version; and the kids version. The parent should install the parent version of the app and register their family. The free version of the app allows two parents profile and two kids profile. Once after registering, the other members of the family can use the same username and password to login to the account.

The kids will have the kids version installed on their smartphones. This will make the app take control of the kid’s online activity and send notifications to the parents right to their smartphones. You can manage the following information from your eKavach dashboard:

  • Your kids’ social media activity
  • Monitor your kids’ IM and chat room data
  • SMS & Call monitoring
  • Cyberbullying protection
  • Blocking of adult content
  • Online behavioral analysis
  • Time spent of each website
  • Time spent on the internet

and lots more. The company is working on more features and will make it available soon.

As far as the interface’s concern, the UI looks a bit outdated (they could’ve employed the material design UI for the fresh look) but, the app does the job really well. The analytics were neat, and it provides all the information from the phone with the kid’s app installed.


According to me, digital parenting app is something new to parents in India. But, they should understand its importance and try to use to ensure their kids’ safety. The app is free, so people can try it out to see it in action. I am sure that they will find it definitely useful.

You can download the app from here.

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