Ridlr: The app that brings public transport information at your fingertips

Even though most of us use bikes and cars for commute, a majority of the working population is still dependent on the available public transport. It’s economical, and minimizes individual carbon footprint that is being emitted into the atmosphere.

When comes to using public transport, there are two types of people: those who use them regularly and those who use them occasionally.

For those who use occasionally, they often face difficulty due to lack of information. They don’t know the timing at which a bus starts, or the exact bus they should board in order to reach the destination. This also applies for suburban trains as there are so many of them going to and from various stations every minute. Well, now we’ve seen the problem. But, how do we solve it? Well, a startup has already worked on a solution and has launched it in the form of an app.

Ridlr is an android app that provides information on buses, suburban and metro trains. This information is available for all major cities across india.

When i personally tried the app, the first thing i noticed was the dashboard. It was simple and neat. It asked me to choose between bus, train, or metro and also displayed my location with the current traffic condition. Also, it has a Plan Your Travel option where it automatically detects your location and gives you precise public transport information upon choosing your destination. This is cool!

ridlr image

When i chose any one of the modes of transport, it asked me to choose the starting point and the ending point, and it showed the timings, bus routes, etc.

The newsfeed option on the menu display twitter updates on the city’s traffic density, constantly updating you with information on traffic densities across the city.

The Ridlr website also gives information on city’s traffic density, and also allows you to search for bus and train timings.


The suburban and the metro timings worked perfectly whereas the bus information seems to be pretty confusing. Especially when I choose the Bus icon from the home screen. When i tried looking for buses from my area to another area, it didn’t show many of the buses that usually runs for the route, but displayed buses from another route. Maybe its a glitch or there could be something wrong with my GPS. I guess this needs fixing and once done ridlr will completely rock the stage by providing public transport information at your fingertips.

A much needed app in every city dweller’s smartphone.

To download Ridlr on your android phone, click here. 

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