Aspiring Chennai-based filmmaker Monish is the First Indian to be acquainted with Korean Filmmaker Kwak Jae Yong

I am very happy to write this blogpost as it’s about a friend. A friend whom i know since 2006. Monish. He sat next to me for most of my college life and we spoke about movies, completely forgetting about the purpose of college. (We still don’t understand the purpose of college!)

He was passionate about movies, and he always wanted to be a filmmaker. Soon after college we parted ways, but his passion towards movies stopped him from taking day jobs and he tirelessly pursued his career in filmmaking. That is the time he got into watching Korean movies. The narrative style of Asian films, especially korean attracted him so much. I know times where all he spoke about was Korean movies. And, do you know where it took him now? To China ! 🙂

Yes. His passion towards movies and his love towards Korean films has recently gave him an dream-come-true opportunity to work with Director Kwak Jae Yong, who is known for several renowned Korean movies like “My Sassy Girl”, “The Classic”, “Windstruck” etc.

Monish got an invite from Kwak Jae Yong and team to be an on-spot observer in their new movie, which is a Korean-Chinese co-production. The technical team of the movie was from Korea, and the actors were from China. I am proud to say that Monish was the only Indian who was part of the movie crew. A one of its kind honor.


The shoot took place in Qingdao, a coastal city in China for a month, and Monish was there throughout the shoot, observing the nuances of Korean filmmaking.

When asked about the experience, he said

“He & his films are famous among film buffs around the world. Meeting him atleast once in my Lifetime was my dream, i didnt expect that i will be near him in his shooting spot. I am the First Indian Technician to be acquainted with him, there are many aspiring filmmakers who wants to work with him in Korea and around the world, i am very lucky to get that opportunity.”


Also, when I asked about how he made this possible – to be part of a foreign film, he said

“Towards the end of 2014, i realized that im not just a film buff to watch Korean films and keep admiring their work from my home, one Question struck my mind ‘Why shouldnt i work with a Korean Filmmaker?’ Why shouldnt i be a part of a Foreign Film?’ So that is when i started to take serious steps to contact Director Kwak, It has been 6 months of day and night follow ups through mail, and when i got the positive response from the Production company to be a part of Director Kwak’s movie i was like i have done it.”

Monish is a good example of how youngsters can pursue their dream if they tirelessly fight for it. We all know that he’s got to go a long way. But, he has already started taking the steps, big ones.

According to me, aspiring filmmakers should try to part of foreign films so as to learn the technique and implement them into our movies. Watching a foreign film is completely different from working in one.

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Would you like to know more about Monish’s experience? You can reach him at

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  1. Its really inspiring. As an aspiring filmmaker I always try to work with foreign directors, especially Korean and Iranian filmmakers. But never get the opportunity and don’t know how to contact with them. It will help me. ..After getting Ragava’s mail ID I will ask him for help. ..
    Thank you very much for this blog.

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