5 places in Mumbai that gave me an ultimate food experience

I’ve recently been to Mumbai for a short trip with my colleagues/friends and all we did for the entire time was walking and eating. We ate and as well as burnt a lot of calories. A win-win situation.

We’ve had great food in several places in and around Mumbai and after coming back I thought “why not choose the best 5 food joints and write my experience with them!” And, here it goes.

Aram Vada Pav 

The first thing that came to my mind when I stepped my foot in Mumbai was vada Pav a.k.a Indian version of burger.
For all the four days that I was there, I made sure that  I eat vada Pav at least once a day.
The third day we were roaming around CST and I came across a board that said “Aram Vada Pav – since 1939”
We immediately ordered a cheese vada Pav and it was awesome.
Vada Pav is basically the vada ( Indian equivalent of burger patty) with potato stuffing, placed inside the Pav (bun) . Most of the places where I had vada Pav in Mumbai, the stuffing had too much masala.
But, Aram had the perfect Vada. The potato stuffing inside remained white with mild masala. Also the masala powder and the chutney blended well, making it the most memorable Vada Pav I’ve had in Mumbai.
We ordered one more Vada Pav with a different stuffing. It was more spicy with basil added to it. I didn’t get the name of that variant as it was in Hindi.
If you’re around CST Mumbai, please try Aram Vada Pav. You won’t be disappointed.
Price range: 20-45 Rs.


As soon as we landed in Mumbai, we went to the hotel, checked in and headed straight to CST. We were really hungry and asked the Uber driver to drop us near a good hotel. After 15 minutes we were dropped near Sher-E-Punjab
The Punjabi restaurant is located near the head post office, near CST.
The place looked old and so was the waiters. But, we never realised that we were in for a treat.
We ordered a plate of mutton sheek kabab and Romali roti. My friend ordered garlic naan and a paneer and corn gravy.
The service was wonderful and most of all, the sheek kabab gave us an out of the world experience. The chutney, the kabab and the roti made us realise how lucky we were to end up in such a nice place.
The sheek kabab was dry, but the taste will make you forget it all.
Mutton sheek kabab – 375 Rs

Bademiyan – Kebabs and Rolls

This place is famous for its sheek kabab rolls. When I planned my trip to Mumbai, I was looking for famous food joints and every website had listed Bademiyan.
Truth be told, what every other website had said was true. The sheek kabab rolls were awesome. Two full length sheek kabab pieces will be placed on a roti and will be rolled before it reaches our hands.
The taste was mind blowing. The sheek kabab we had here was completely opposite to what I had in Sher-E-Punjab. It was so juicy. Every inch of the sheek kabab was cooked to perfection.
This place resembles a road side joint. And they’ve also occupied near by places to serve their ever pouring stream of customers.
I tried both chicken and mutton sheek kabab roles and I liked the chicken version better.
The place is located near Leopold Cafe.
Chicken sheek kabab roll – 180
Mutton sheek kabab roll – 210

Kheema Pav in Mohamed Ali Road

We stayed in Mohamed Ali Road during the first day and the street turned into a full fledged non vegetarian’s paradise during night.
Almost every shop sells chicken or mutton.
But, we couldn’t have dinner as we already filled our stomachs at Bademiyan.
The next day when we checked out, we were curious. “Will get some good non veg dish in the morning? Why don’t we try?”
We entered a small restaurant – Manvi restaurant and asked what they serve for breakfast. The guy said “Kheema Pav” and we immediately said “Yes”
They served three pieces of Pav with a small plate of mutton kheema. I was super excited seeing it. The Pav was soft, the kheema was well cooked and the combination was heavenly.
Price: 50 Rs.

The unknown sandwich shop

The name of the shop is not unknown sandwich shop. I didn’t know the name of the shop, so I mentioned it like that.
We got down near the domestic terminal and we were walking around the area since we had an hour to kill before catching our flight. We crossed the road opposite to the Terminal 1B entrance and walked for a few hundred meters and found a small sandwich shop.
An inner voice in all three said that we should eat a sandwich there.
We ordered a vegetable grill sandwich and a paneer cheese grill sandwich.
Only one man ran the shop and he took too much time to make the sandwiches. We were pissed. But when we took the first bite, we realized the true effort of the shopkeeper who took at most care in delivering us the best experience.
The sandwich was made using a triangle shaped bread, called the slice bread. They also server similar bread sandwiches in chowpatty.
The sandwich had a layer of tomatoes and cucumber, a layer of mashed potatoes sprinkled with chaat masala, a layer with shredded chess and onions.
After taking the sandwich out of the grill, he applied a spoonful of butter which melted and smeared across the surface of the sandwich.
It was wow!
Believe me! I couldn’t complete the sandwich. It was that heavy.
Price: 125 Rs.

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