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Chennai-based photographer’s series teaches us how to bring out the best with what you have

Everyday I see huge volumes of pictures through my Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram accounts. A lot from the lot will often make me think “Why aren’t you doing something like this?” 

During recent times, a similar thought occurred to me when I saw a series of photographs shot by a friend Priyadarshini a.k.a Pia Sam, who is a budding photographer from Chennai. 

Throughout the series, she tried capturing her surrounding with her feet being the subject.

Feet (1)

It might sound simple. But, it has lot more to it. 

Whenever we visit a place, we often look around. We won’t look down unless and until we stumble upon something. If we go to a hill station, we admire the beauty of the mountains, experience the fresh air, but we often fail to see what lies under our feet. Everybody does this. Almost everybody. 

Feet (2)

But, here’s where Pia had made a difference. She started documenting her feet and the area surrounding it, and the idea slowly grew upon her making her try more creative ways to document her surroundings. 

Feet (3)

When I asked her about how she got the idea, she said she got the idea from a fellow photographer Karthi KN, who portrayed his entire pan India tour using a similar concept. You can view his work here

According to me, a photograph is not about how grand it is. It is about how much a viewer can relate to it. And, Pia’s photographs succeeds in doing that. 

You can follow Pia Sam on Instagram

Feet (4)

Feet (5)

Feet (6)

Feet (7)

Feet (8)

Feet (9)

Feet (10)

Feet (11)

Feet (12)

Feet (13)

Feet (14)

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