Every mobile photographer should try Instagram, and this is why!

During the middle of last year, I saw a sudden rise in the number of my Facebook friends who used Instagram. I was earning enough money to get a 3G pack (Finally!) and I decided to check it out. After I started using it, I realized a few things which I thought would be useful for those who are into mobile photography, or those who are thinking of venturing into it.
1. Different perspective
Even though the new version of Instagram offers the option to upload images in any crop ratio, I like their initial philosophy of uploading images only in the 1:1 ratio. (square format.) According to me, that was the unique thing about Instagram.
Shooting in square format gives you a new perspective to what you see. An image that might be less appealing in a wide format, would be more appealing in a 1:1 format. I found it very surprising when I tried it out in some of my images. And, to tell you the truth, it’s a lot of fun to shoot in a square format.
2. Limited field of view
Shooting in a 1:1 format will challenge you by providing a limited field of view. With a small area to cover, you will think more than twice before choosing an image. A limited field of view often puts you to work and will make you sweat. But it’s worth your time.
Also, a limited field of view lets you work with what you have and trains your eye to see things that you usually fail to notice while shooting in a 4:3 or 2:3 format.
3. Demands creativity
Square format fires up your neurons to get creative. As time goes by, it will push you to try creative things. It is kinda addictive. There were times where I’ve thought “I need to do something to post a good picture” But, yeah, getting too much addicted has its own pros and cons.
4. Of course, cool filters
It would be sin if I hadn’t talked about the filters. Instagram offers a bunch of cool filters and customisation to your images. I love the way they’ve chosen the filters for the app.
Sometimes, after applying a filter, you will feel that the filter and the photograph were made for each other.
 So, to conclude, I would recommend Instagram to anyone who wants to try new and creative things in photography. It gives you the freedom to think by posing restrictions (which have been made optional recently. But, you can still use it to test your creativity)

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