I grew up watching Tamil movies, and I feel happy about it!

When I lacked reading practice in my school days, everything I learnt was from movies. I am talking about Tamil movies. It is only during my college days I was exposed to the Hollywood and other streams of cinema.

So whatever I know, learnt, experienced and enjoyed till my late teens is through Tamil movies.

Every now and then I see people posting about how they seem less attracted to Tamil movies after watching foreign movies.

It’s a natural feeling. I am not denying that. But, my point is, one shouldn’t forget the very thing that laid the foundation to appreciate good cinema.

One could get a PhD in mathematics from a reputed foreign university , but it is the local school maths teacher who would’ve laid the foundation for it.

If u look at Chennai film festival and say every foreign movie is awesome, think of this scenario. Every foreigner who see a Tamil movie in their film festival will also feel the same. This has happened so many times. And, the whole point of a film festival is to select the best of the lot and give it to the audience. So, every movie you see will obviously be good. (*cough* not every)

Every country’s cinema is a reflection of its nativity. Our cinema does the same. One might argue about songs, comedy, track, and commercial aspects. But, those elements have also become part of our lives.

If you really love cinema, watch it with an open mindset. If you’re going to a Tamil movie, enjoy it as a true native. If you’re watching a Hollywood, or Spanish film, admire it as a true movie lover. Don’t compare both. Instead, learn to appreciate your cinema as well as foreign cinema.

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  1. Well said! When everyone want to watch classic English movies on a lazy day , all I wan to do is kick back and watch a KB or a Kamal movie. That is what makes my day 🙂

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