What is the relation between molecular biology and global economy? (Never mind, you won’t read it!)

Recently, where ever I go, I only see two things predominantly. Food joints and pharmacies. There weren’t these many pharmacies or food joints before 10 years. This made me want to dig a little deeper into this issue.

So, I googled the current valuation of the Indian food Industry and the Healthcare Industry.

The Indian food industry is valued at US$240 billion currently and expected to reach US$482 billion (growth by 104 percent) by 2020. So, what’s the big deal? The more the people, the more they eat! Right?

Let’s look at the healthcare industry as well. Currently, the Indian healthcare industry is valued at US$100 billion and is expected to reach US$280 billion by 2020. A more than 100% growth rate.

So, from the numbers of both the industries, are you able to deduce something? Do you think there is a relation? I believe so. The more people eat, the more they fall prey to diseases. So, as the value of the food industry increases, it also exponentially increases the valuation of the healthcare industry.

Confusing? Let’s clear that up.

I recently read a book that said Humans of the current generation are exposed to so much readily available sugar a.k.a carbohydrates than they were during the beginning of the human civilization. The readily available processed foods dump too much sugar into our system, thereby stressing it to process large quantities of carbohydrates. This causes the system to store excess sugars as fat, with worse case leading to failure of the whole system (diabetes).

Since every system in the human body is linked to one another, failure of one system impairs the connection it has with other system. This leads to other health complications like heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Why I care? During the beginning of 2015, I was diagnosed with fatty liver. It was in the beginning stage and my liver span measured about 16 cms. That is when I realized what has all these processed foods and overeating had done to my body. I weighed 106 kgs and I decided to take serious steps to control it.

I immediately hit the gym, took control of my eating habits and worked hard. In three months, my liver span came down to 14 cm, which was close to normal and I lost close to 7 kgs. But, my work isn’t done. I still need to reduce 10 more kilos. But, the first step, was a success.

It is only after this, I started noticing all this. There are more biriyani shops in the city than ever before. There were so many foreign chains targeting our country to sell their high calorie foods. Foods like burger and pizza has very high level of processed sugars. Even a sachet of tomato ketchup has way too much processed sugar than you can imagine.

All this will cause extreme stress to your system. I am not against eating junk food. I am a big foodie myself. Make your restaurant visits less frequent, and eat healthy food. Also, make sure you do some sort of physical exercise for 30 minutes, at least thrice a week.

When started reading the article, things would’ve looked unrelated. But, when you look close, you can see the relation between molecular biology and global economics.

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