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Single guy? Society thinks you have a serious problem!

Sometimes you see a beautiful girl in college, or your workplace and enquire about her, people would say “She’s is so stubborn. Several guys proposed to her and she rejected all of them. What a bold character!”

Let’s consider a similar situation where a guy a single. Do you know what the people around him would say? “He is almost 30, and you know what! He is still single.” Even if the guy says he rejected several proposals, people would probably laugh at him.

 The society has changed a lot and the people who suffer a lot are the single guys. Almost everybody these days gives a quizzical look when they see a single guy.


I am personally facing this problem.

Several times I’ve been asked “Never? You got to be kidding me!”

And I say “I am not kidding. I’ve never been in a relationship.”

Then the reply would usually be “oh!”

Yes. I’ve been waiting to hear “Oh!” Great!

And, on top of that , during the past couple of months, my mom started telling “See everybody has a girlfriend and are doing love marriage. What about you? Why don’t you try something like that?”

I was shocked to hear this from my mom. Before ten years, the mindset of the society was not like this. My parents would’ve beaten the shit out of me if I had said I am in love with a girl. Now, things have totally changed. I didn’t know what made the society go easy on things that they’ve been opposing for so many years.

And, this is the case only with cities. The towns and villages are still against love marriages.

This posed me a question. Actually two questions. “How come the others coped up with the new trend so quickly?” “Or Have I been too slow to cope up with the current trend?”

I am too confused.

But, deep inside, I know one thing. I have never ever felt bad for being single, or for not being in a relationship. I lived my life without any regrets and I consider that as my greatest accomplishment.

The next time you hear a guy say he is single, show him some respect. Don’t pose him “Are you kidding me!” questions.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. AB AB

    Yes, society is a lot more accepting of love marriage these days. I think its because they see how difficult it is to arrange a marriage nowadays. My parents have asked this same question of my brother before when they were finding it very hard to arrange his marriage. I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder for guys to get hitched. Must be all those grooms from Gamor! 🙂

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